3 “Million Dollar” Mistakes You Are Making! (written May, 2011)

There are only 3 reasons why you’re not earning a six-figure income in network marketing! Once you understand what they are – and how simple it is to turn them around – you’ll finally start making the kind of money you deserve! If you didn’t earn $100,000 or more in the last 12 months, you definitely need to sit down now and read this entire article. I’m going to cut through all the hype and tell you exactly why you’re not earning that kind of money. But more importantly, I’m going to reveal how to quickly and easily put yourself on the fast track to finally achieving financial freedom! You see there are 3 reasons why you’re not earning the kind of money you deserve. Only 3! That’s the bad news!

The good news is that I’m going to tell you what they are and then I’m going to reveal exactly how you can blast through each one of these “roadblocks” with the force of a runaway freight locomotive! How many of these deadly mistakes are you making? Listen if you’re like most network marketers, you’re falling prey to some deadly mistakes. Mistakes that will eventually cripple, if not kill, your business and any chance you ever had to make it into the big money earner’s circle! So what are these mistakes?

Mistake #1. Running out of people to talk to. Listen this business is all about having enough people to show your opportunity to. A long list of prospects helps you maintain your posture and let the law of averages work for you – not against you. If you see the end of your prospect list approaching quickly, panic is going to set in real fast. You’re going to stop “showing” and start “begging” people to get in! They’ll sense this in a heartbeat and run as fast as they can – the other way! Then when you’ve totally run out of people to talk to, your business will stall and come crashing down to earth in flames. But what do you do when you’ve gone through all your friends and family and none of them want to have anything to do with your opportunity? Well there’s always cold calling from the telephone book. Now there’s a great way to keep your posture – right? You’ve just been reduced to the stature of a carpet cleaning telemarketer! Or you could buy some “bargain” leads – only to find that the list was sold to 5 other people before you got your hands on it! And now you’re the 6th person to call these poor souls! You’ll be lucky if you can even get the first sentence out of your mouth before they hang up on you!

How would you like to talk to people who are begging to hear about your opportunity? Imagine how much fun this business would be if you had an unlimited supply of people who are actually looking for a home-based business and are expecting a phone call from you? Your list would have as many names as you want added to it every week. Now your posture takes on a whole different dimension, doesn’t it? If someone says “no” to your opportunity, it doesn’t matter because you’ve got a long list of people who actually want to see what you’ve got. And some will get in for sure! Sound like a dream? Actually it’s not! All you need to do is run ads that generate leads for your opportunity. You can place small ads in the thousands of money making opportunity publications out there in the world and sit back, collect the leads, send info to them and then call them up about what they asked for and you sent to them. In fact every day you can easily identify thousands of people through this simple “place inquiry ads – follow them up” method. This is the best method for developing your business known to man today. Using this process will have people begging to have someone call them! And some of the people who respond to your ads are going to be from your local area. Maybe even up and down your street! They’re looking for a home-based business and someone is going to talk to them. Will it be someone else? Or will it be you? And then when have all these people to talk to, make sure that you don’t let the potential “heavy hitters” slip through your fingers by making.…..

Mistake #2. Not having an organized  follow-up system in place. The facts don’t lie. You see it’s an industry norm that an average prospect needs to be exposed to your opportunity a minimum of seven times before they make a decision to go ahead! Seven times! If you’re letting prospects go after 1, 2 or 3 contacts, you’re flat-out leaving money on the table. And here’s the scary part: Some of these prospects will eventually join a network marketing opportunity, but if you haven’t kept in contact with them, don’t be surprised if sometime down the road they join another company or worse yet your company, sponsored by someone else!

Organized follow-up is critical to sponsoring a ton of people into your business. So how do you go about getting all your prospects organized – and following up with them effectively? You could spend weeks writing your own set of follow-up letters – or hire the job out to a professional copywriter and shell out a minimum of five thousand dollars! Then you’d still have to buy a full-featured contact manager. And a calendar program and an auto-responder to automatically send out those emails to your prospects. Bare minimum you’re looking at spending several hundred to several thousand dollars!

Here’s what you do to make it simple. When someone responds to your ad, just type out four envelopes. Take your follow up material that the network marketing company has sent to you already, copy it 4 times and stuff it in the envelopes and then seal the envelopes. Date them 2 weeks apart. Then mail them at two-week intervals while you are contacting this person by telephone. Rather than spending all that time, energy and money, just do this simple process and within a couple of months, each lead will have gotten 4-7 contacts from you with your best effort with minimal expense of both money and effort. In fact we here a CME, Inc receive so many leads, it is one employee’s full time job to do this process for each lead we receive. Can you imagine getting so big that you need to hire someone to do this for you? We started small, stayed consistent and grew slowly. You can too. This method works!

Right about now, I know what you’re thinking, “OK this sounds great. But I know that all this costs money. Right now I’m flat broke.” so I guess you’re guilty of…

Mistake #3. Not having enough working capital. Let’s be honest. This is a business, not a get rich quick scheme. If you want to make a million dollars overnight, spend a dollar on a lottery ticket and pray real hard! On the other hand if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and put some work into your business, use this method, and spend some money within reason, you will be successful. This is how all successful MLMer’s achieve their financial dreams of earning a six and seven figure income. You can too. A smart man learns from his own mistakes. A genius learns from other people’s mistakes. We have all made the mistakes you should avoid. Learn from all of us – you genius! Build your business the smart way by using this technique to its fullest.

You’ve waited long enough to start making money. Haven’t you? No longer do you need to stand on the sidelines and watch other people earn six-figure incomes in this industry. Making six figures a year in this industry isn’t difficult. It takes a big dream, desire and tenacity. But it also takes the game plan to make your business professional and treat it like a business. When you do that, watch it start to pay you unlike any job ever could! Now the decision is up to you. Keep on going the way you’ve been going. Hoping and praying something will change. Or take action now and use this proven method to make things change. It’s your choice. Choose wisely.

The author of this article is Larry Costello, President of All-American Print & Mail, 2200 Wilson Blvd #102-57, Arlington, VA 22201.