It’s hard to believe, but we have been in business since November 1st, 1985. We started out on a kitchen table putting big mail packets together with hundreds of offers, handwriting the name and addresses on the envelopes. Wow! We have come a long way since then – thanks to you! Thank you for all your support these past 32 years! 1985-2017. We look forward to working and helping you succeed in the near future. Our phone number is 315-313-5371. Our address is 118 Julian Pl, #160, Syracuse, NY 13210. Call or visit us anytime!

CME Mailing Express Service is the answer for individuals and small businesses – the little guys –  trying to compete with large direct mailers or trying to launch their own home-based business through direct mail. We overcome these (and other) obstacles all small mailers face when starting out :

1. Finding targeted names to mail to;

2. Eliminating the high printing rates for small quantities;

3. Leveraging the cost effectiveness for the unpredictable response rates on small quantities mailed.

Most people who try direct mail will fail, even with professionally produced offers and decent sales copy. If you don’t have a targeted list to mail to, you can forget about it. It will be like trying to sell a hamburger to a vegetarian. The most targeted lists for any type of direct mail campaign will be people who have purchased similar types of offers. The only places to get these lists are from brokers, who specialize in matching targeted lists with offers for their clients, and brokers do not advertise their services. They don’t need to, because big mailers know how to find them, and little guys like us can not afford to purchase their minimum requirements anyway. The lists you may have tried or seen advertised from direct mail flyers, magazines, or the Internet are not the same. Most of them are complete trash. If any of these people had a responsive list that was truly a goldmine, they would have a broker selling it to maximize revenue. Brokers will not represent a list unless it is truly targeted. They have their reputation on the line. Now you know why you receive similar offers in the mail once you purchase something. A broker has acquired your name and rented it to other mailers offering similar products or services. For your purposes and ours, we want lists of people who are interested in making money from home through the mail. People who are therefore looking for a DIRECT MAIL MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNITY to get involved with. Legitimate list brokers have a 5,000 name minimum order per list, and you need to test 6 or 7 lists to know those that will be responsive for your offer. And you need to test your offer! And test your offer over and over again and again! That puts you in a position where if you want to use a reputable list, you will have to purchase at least 30,000 names.

At an average price of ten cents a name, forty-nine cents postage, and another fifteen to twenty cents for printing letters and envelopes, most people simply can not afford to invest this kind of money in a direct mail campaign. So they go the cheap route and use worthless mailing lists and 99.9% of the time fail – and fail miserably! Reputable List Brokers also want to review what you are mailing. They do not want your offer to compete with the list owners, nor do they want their list diluted by mailings which look like junk or may even be illegal, such as chain letters. CME has arrangements with the top list brokerage firms in the country and we in-house over 1,800,000 of our own quality money making direct mail names. Because of this and because of the volume we can do, we are able to allow you the ability to purchase mailings in quantities of as little as 1,000 to 2,000 at a time at very affordable rates. There’s even more to it than that, should you participate in a cooperative mailing or rent our mailing list. You see, response rates for mailings are based on extremely large numbers, and if I told you that the average response rate for a home-business based mailing promotion was 2% and you were only mailing 2,000 letters per month, you may get zero for 3 months in a row and then all of a sudden get a much higher return in your fourth month. Or you may have a longer dry spell or you may even get a high response initially and nothing later on. This extreme variance can put a small mailer on a low budget out of business quickly. Our cooperative mailings solve this problem for you. Instead of you mailing your offers yourself, and paying $550-$650 per 1,000 pieces mailed, you participate in a coop mailing with others doing the same thing. Aside from the discount you receive with our all inclusive price for printing, envelopes, mailing lists and labor, think about the time and effort you will save putting these mailings together yourself. It takes up to four hours to collate 1,000 pieces by hand! What is your time worth? You will also never have to worry about the extreme variance in response rates to these lower amounts of mailings because our price is 33% to 67% cheaper than if you did it yourself. You will be able to test your offers without costing you an arm and leg, so if you do get a poor response to your offer, you will not have to shut your doors and go out of business. Cooperative mailings always give you the leverage of a large mailer, plus you are saving time, effort and money – lots of it! You can build your team at your own pace with our coops. We mail daily. Mail as many letters as you like and grow your team as fast as you want, without having to risk a fortune. You get discounted rates on printing, mailing lists, and envelopes, the mail goes out quickly, and you do not have to fold, stuff, seal, and mail letters. Everything is done for you! We specialize in Home-Based Business/MLM/ Network Marketing/Direct Mail specific mailings only. We would like to help you as we have helped thousands over the last 32 years!

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