We have received many, many, many, many testimonials from so many great people like yourself over the years. Here are some of them. I don’t know what to say other than THANKS! Obviously we can’t print them all. We wish we could. The bottom line is: Thank you so very, very, very much! We hope we are living up to all these nice accolades. Feel free to call us, e-mail us, or write us anytime. Not only are you real people, so are we…..and we like to deal with real people like yourself. Again, THANK YOU SO VERY, VERY MUCH! & God Bless.

Don Shultz

Don’t let this blow your mind. Remember in November I had you mail out 2,000 letters of my program? You won’t believe this but I got so many responses from it that the mail man had to bring them to my door. My mailbox wouldn’t hold them all!

Troy Moore

I really appreciate your business! Your names have been awesome. I have gotten many, many customers for my programs. Thanks – a Million!

Alan Mumsford

I always thought you get what you pay for. But after using your name list twice and your mailing service just once, I see that isn’t always true. I am very happy with the results I am receiving and your prices are the best I have ever seen. Thank you for providing quality services at very reasonable rates!

Samuel Williamson

I placed a classified ad on your website about 8 months ago. To date, I have 31 direct sign ups for my program. Since I only paid $50 for the ad, I would say that is the best response rate per sign up I have ever gotten so far in this business. I recommend everyone use your classified ad service. I think it’s your best value! Please re-op my ad for another 6 months and Thank you for the great service!

Paul D’Amico
Your names are generating very positive response rates. I am ordering another 10,000 names this month and I will need at least 15,000 more names next month.  I have been using your mailing lists since I started my mail order business way back when. Yes I have tried others but they never compare with yours. I am just so impressed with the response I get and the fast delivery when I order. Thank you very much!

Terry McIntyre

My good friend recommended you a few months back and here I am ordering another 2,000 names. This is my third order. The first two went wonderfully! Your names are the best we have ever tested. Now I recommend you to everyone I talk to. Keep up the good work! I’ll be back to order more next month too.

Pat Amanu
Thank you for explaining to me in full detail how to make money in MLM. In 20 years of doing MLM, not one person has ever spent their valuable time like you did explaining what it takes to succeed. That is why I have been a loyal customer of yours of over 4 years now. Keep up your great work!

Augie Pidel

Thanks Larry. You are awesome!! I have used your services faithfully for the last 14 months and will continue to use them. I love your insight. I love your wisdom. I love the fact I can actually talk to you when I want to. Nobody in this business gives as much of themselves as you do! I also recommend you to everyone who joins my organization.  They need to speak with you! You are the best Larry!

Sonia Devereau
I can’t believe I had the opportunity to actually meet with you and discuss the MLM business for a full 25 solid minutes. I know you really didn’t have the time. I would have gladly paid you for the amount of knowledge you have that you are willing to give away for free. It amazes me. I have so much respect for you! You are so down to earth! Your life long fan I remain!

Juliet Sanders
I love the way you explain everything, very thorough and with such feeling. Thanks for being so honest and real.

Jeremy Rider
I appreciate the fact you are a real person. Every time I call, you answer your own phone. And instead of telling me what I want to hear like all these other so called MLMer’s, you point me in the right direction on the real way to make money. I can’t thank you enough. That’s why I tell every one to use your services and to speak with you. You tell it like it is! And that’s refreshing in this business!

John T. Jomes, PhD
I appreciate your good service. I’m very sorry that I didn’t use you years ago. God knows you tried on your part. It’s good you have friends in the business that keep recommending you. Now I recommend you too!

Edwin McChesney
I never met you, but I feel we are like brothers. Business aside, I feel like I’ve known you for years! I love the way you are so straight up with your clients. Nobody does it like you! The hell with everyone else. I’m only going to do business with you. Why? HONESTY!!!! My Dad died a few years ago and he told me as a young boy, only work with people you TRUST and I TRUST YOU! God Bless!

Rev. Fred R. Zimmerman
You’ve laid it out frankly and much as I have appreciated your forthrightness — and help — through quite a few years. You are a good man. I respect you, and wish you continued success and prosperity.

Elizabeth E. Hartman
I am ordering another 500 Premium names. I have ordered your Premium Names in the past for other programs and have always done well.  I believe your lists to be the best.

Drew AL-Hanif’a
I have been reading your many articles and I have been dying to tell you how great I think that your mentoring principles are. I wish that I could say more but for now I am limited for time and space. I think you are great!

Ronnie Nealon
I just wanted to write to you and let you know that I appreciate doing business with you. You are the only honest mailer I know of. I always get response to whatever you mail for me. Thank you very much!

Eleanor Showman
I placed an Internet ad on your site for only $50. Within 4 months, I have now earned over $2550 in commissions for the program I am promoting. Needless to say, here is another ad – I am sending $100 – please accept $50 extra as a bonus. Thank you!

Steven Russell
Being a Minister in Stockton, CA, it’s difficult to believe anybody or anything in this industry other than you. So thank you for being the most honest and reliable person I have ever met in this business!

Sylvester Cobey
Good morning Larry. Please send me 1000 more names. You have my information.  These names you have been sending me are VERY GOOD. I have built a large downline so far and it’s growing because of your names. Thank you.

Siegfried Strauch
Old school mail order operator for 25 years…been working on/off with Larry for 20 years! Honest, nice guy, reliable service. Only one I ever recommend!

John A. Buck
The mailings you have done on my behalf have been GREAT!!!! I already have TEN PEOPLE signed up!!!!

Todd Wilson
I’ve been VERY EXCITED by the responses I’ve gotten so far……..for some reason, this has really excited me. I’m going to start doing the reverse mailings you teach and I am also preparing a small newsletter for my downliners to encourage them to do the same.  I also am recommending they use your services too just as I have! Thanks for all the great work and keep it up!!!!

Oliver Pettebone
I am glad to hear from you, Larry. I remain a fan of your work for over ten years now.

Donnie Tolbert
I’ve used your services before, always honest and excellent service….

J. Kevin O’Leary
Larry keeps promoting the same ones year after year…….so obviously he’s got to be making $$$$ with them and therefore, so could I. You have finally pushed me over the edge. I’m signing up today!!

Aaron Macarelli
I want to introduce you to a very trustworthy man with whom I have been doing business with for a good while. He is the KING of Cooperative Mailings!!!!! He will be glad to help you in any way he can!! Use him! Me and my team use him every day of the year!

Ken Heite
I am learning so much about this business by following your guidelines. I think I am getting better at deducing what the real bogus schemes are and what the legitimate offers are. Thank you!

Shanil Weaver
I would like to say thank you so much for the leads you provided. I got such a great response and will be ordering more.

Marsha Erskine
Thank you for all your help these last five years. You are a very smart and a very generous person. Thank you!!!

Pastor Mike Johnston
Hello Larry. Man, am I excited about your stuff! First, I’m a Brad Richdale associate – my wife, Ann and I appear on his latest infomercial. We were looking for a better opportunity which you have provided. Thanks Larry. Your programs are really a tremendous opportunity for budding entrepreneurs (like us) to make a great deal of money without a lot of investment and very little effort – WOW, what a concept!!! I am now doing reverse mailings with such a great response!!! I’ll be in your infomercial if you want.

Jeannette Grijalva
I’m so happy I have gotten responses from your mailings. These responses pay for my monthly fees!  After that, it’s all gravy!! Thank you so much!

Jimmy Lang, Owl Publishing Co.
It is just a joy to be able to work with you – YOU ARE GREAT. A real money maker. A real teacher.

Mr. Kenneth Orris
Thank you so much for these suggesting I do reverse mailings. I have been getting commission checks. They were each very nice surprises. Little by little my downline is growing and growing and my commissions are also slightly bigger each month – thanks to your services!

Susan Olivo
Thanks again Larry for being a good mentor and an encouragement AND for being honest and straightforward! I am really excited working with you!

Dianna Siderio
We received a bunch of new distributors from the last mailing you did for us and we are thrilled!!!! Our new ditributors are using you now also!

Joseph Pav
The first 6 months of this year, I did small mailings each month and then re-invested the profits to work up to 1o,000 per month. It paid off!!! Month #1, I made $318. By month #12, my income was at $2,656, with a cumulative total of $18,226 in only 12 months!!! Persistence really does pay off!! Just like you preach!

Robert Mulkern, Jr
I’m happy to say that I’ve just gotten notification of more downliners in just my first 2 weeks. Yippee!

Hoyt Morgan
CME, It’s nice to know WE NETWORKERS have a low cost print and mail business we can trust. You are the only one I use and the only one I recommend. GOD Bless You!

Barry Hadley
I am very HAPPY to be working with you again. I should of kept working with you all along. You have possibly the BEST PROGRAM out there! A year ago or so, I started working your plan – just doing what you told us to do – but then I decided to “jump” to something else before I gave your program a fair chance. Just as I was starting something else, I received a $250 commission check from your efforts – something that took me quite a few months to achieve with the other program. I am here to stay this time. Thanks for the PRIVILEGE of working your program.

Shirley Bowden
We are very happy with the results we received from using your mailing list. We also only had a very small amount of nixies. From now on, when we do more mailings, it will definitely be with your lists and your lists only! We have been telling many people about the success we had with the mailing and many of them plan on contacting you too!! They are smart!

Carrie Killebrew
Thanks so much for letting me be apart of your group. I wouldn’t have succeeded if it weren’t for you and your great advice!

Vernon K. Kilborn
After reviewing your catalog and other materials, I was in utter amazement!!!!! Your down to earth attitude and sharing your many years of experience in MLM was a learning experience. I wish I had heard of you 10 years ago. I would have literally saved thousands of dollars. Maybe you should consider writing a book like MAIL ORDER FOR DUMMIES!

Alvin Crown
I want to let you know that I really appreciate your newsletters. You sure put a lot into your business and show others how to do the same. By using your services and your advice, my business is growing. Thanks!

Steve Karas
I just had to write to you and let you know how GREAT it feels to work with someone that I can TRUST. You have proven yourself to be a man of your word, a man of integrity and honesty. This is something that is sorely lacking in this business. Most people just want your money and that’s all. To your credit Larry, you actually mail what you say and give the best free advice around! Thank you!

Susan Zapata
Thank you for all your articles. I don’t know why there is so much confusion when it comes to building a Home Based Business, but there is. But it’s refreshing to have your clear guidance….words to live by for sure…from an expert like yourself.

Chris Persky
I also pride myself on honesty and integrity in business relationships…just like yourself. Thank you for your valuable assistance. I am a big fan of yours. Your Articles are a continuing source of inspiration to me and my downline.

Robert Moore
It is refreshing to do business with someone who does what he says he will do at reasonable rates. You are the only one I have ever found to be trustworthy. Good job!

Baxter Monroe

You are the most caring and the most generous person I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. All these other promoters wnat your money and blow smoke up your ass. You are so different. You will actually not only give away your valuable time for free, but you will also suggest people not spend their money because you feel they would be wasting their time and resources. Who in this business would turn away business? Only an honest person like yourself Larry. That is why me and my downline only use you. You are the best!

Elmer Chamberlain
Oh and by the way – I feel you are the BEST Print and Mail Company in the World! You are the only one I use regularly and so does my downline. You not only mail what you say, but you mail what you say to the best possible lists of people, so when I get responses, they understand what Network Marketing is all about. That makes building my organzation that much easier. Thank you on behalf of my downline!

James Singleton
You tell things that many people don’t want to hear. It makes them think and you jab and punch them around their sides and bellies. They need that because too many of us are looking for the fast track lane to quick money. Big, Big Mistake. I finally had to learn the hard way that it doesn’t work and I believe it is a blessing…..I met you.

Mike Addington
We are very LUCKY to have Larry on our team as he is not just honest and responsive, but he also gives a lot of marketing support with his advice and his services. That is why I use him exclusively!

David Morris, Morris & Associates
I’ve procrastinated long enough! Since taking Larry’s Suggestion, my business has grown by leaps and bounds! His advice MUST be for winners or Larry would not be successfully utilizing them all these years!!!

Gregory Smart, “Smart” Money Management System
Your consistency is what separates you from the pack. Larry answered all my questions promptly and direct. I personally like that. That is why I use him and recommend him to everybody I speak to.

Darrell Helmers
Your labels after two orders are very good as is your service. Now I tell all my new recruits to use your names and my downline is growing!

Larry Coles
If I am in the same situation that I was in a month or a year ago, I have done nothing to change it. I have decided to make a start to change the situation that I am in now in. And after the first three months with your help, I can see things changing for the positive. Thank you for being my mentor and my strength.   I can’t imagine where I’d be without you.

Dennis Monroe
I’m so glad to have found you. You don’t sugar coat things. You are a real Professional. That is what we need more of in this business!

Donnie Y. Tolbert
I just received my first commissions from the mailings you have been doing for me.  I am very excited….Thanks for the GREAT Work!!

Glenn & Orlando, Turn-Key Systems
The last lists you sent was awesome! Please send the entire batch. I want them all. You have the best lists ever!

Ahmed Diaz
I joined my business opportunity about six months ago.  I immediately started to promote them using Larry’s excellent mailing service. Before I joined, I had spent the past 15 years in and out of at least 100 different programs and most of them had no proven track record – much less working a system that I could plug into and start making progress toward success. The rest were unreliable, required too much cash or were some kind of scam. Larry, on the other hand, had for the same 15 years been promoting the same programs and proving how successfully his members were making money using the same system.  Back to the present: The first 2 months I had been in things were developing. I mailed within my budget allowances. The 3rd month, people started signing up and it’s was very exciting to go to my mailbox just to see what’s new. Then these people started to get people using CME’s services. Then it was even more exciting to go to my mailbox to see what other people were getting me. Larry’s mailing services have been working splendidly and I for one am going to continue using them…and I would urge you to use them also. You won’t find cheaper rates and a more reliable person anywhere else! Guaranteed! Thank you Larry!

Keith Russell
I have built my current downline using your monthly mail services. I only use and recommend opportunities that are successful for me as links in my signature files. Thanks.

James A. King
Here is just an informal note to everyone as I move forward building my downline with Larry’s services. Am I getting rich? Not Yet. Is my downline growing? Yes – with a bigger commission earned each month for the last four months….thanks to Larry and his promotion services. That’s good work!

Donna J. Bump
Thank you for all your encouragement and all your help. I have already received commissions from the programs you are promoting for me……I’m looking for more and I feel confident I’ll get more working with you. It’s sad that all the other programs out there aren’t run by honest and helpful people like yourself……I am glad I found you….

V. Fennell
I have been using your mailings for about 9 months now..…I then left my ex-boyfriend, moved out, and left all my materials. Since then, I have been receiving regular checks in the mail with each one increasing. I figured if I could receive checks in the mail without even doing anything, I know I could make a BUNDLE if I put some effort into it! Thank you for being you!

Wayne R. Irwin
Let me tell you how pleased I am with the wonderful flyer you did for me. It is much better than I ever expected! Especially at your prices! Great job!

Max L. Huber, CLU
You did a beautiful job in printing my flyer……not only that, these 40,000 flyers have produced my best response ever!  Quality printing and at fair price. That is why I recommend you all the time now!

Don Barlett
Just wanted to tell you that your marketing material has been to this point the most informative and very helpful to me in my last 4 years of studying and reading direct marketing materials. Thanks!! Thanks for being tough and to the point!

Susie Oliver
Larry has NO IDEA I am writing this to you, but I really want you to take him seriously. Since I began not too long ago, I have refurbished my entire house, paid off both vehicles, and I am buying an RV. He doesn’t know how much I am making. I began with just a small investment and I am doing fantastic. You can too!! Just follow his advice and use his services. It works!

Marc Bujold
I’ve been attacked with all kinds of mail order offers in the past, but I have found the best deal and the best programs with a great mentor to follow – you Larry . It’s been the best three years of my business career! Thanks for being you!

Ronald Hunan
You have my commitment from this day forward. Everything you have sent to me seems to make a lot more sense than the hundreds of absolutely silly things (offers) that cross my desk every day. And after speaking with you and using your services successfully, my loyalty will be never ending!

Lucas Jaten
Your list is the best one I have ever used.  The list has been working great – $26,400 in sales so far from the first 3,000 pieces mailed!

Dave Barthos
I wanted to let you know that it took you to wake me up on the issue of being committed and staying committed!! Staying Consistent!! Staying Patient!! I’ve spent thousands of dollars over the past ten years jumping in and out of programs – never staying committed and consistent with any opportunity. Your articles have been so very, very eye-opening to this whole world of Direct Mail and MLM. For the first time, I realize what it will take because of you. Thank You very very very much!

Mary Lou Sholtez
I was THRILLED to receive a commission check….that is the least amount of money I’ve ever spent on promotions and actually earned money!…..and in just 20 days!!! Thanks!

Patrick McCarville
I am very exciting about this. In fact, I am very excited about all these programs you are advocating. Finally after all these years, I found somebody with HONESTY, INTEGRITY & an EXCELLENT COACH to boot.

Dennis Cook
This is my eighth order & I have increased it every time. I like your mailing system. I like your quality. I LOVE your Price. Thank you!

Mike Highley
I used your mailing service numerous times and I have gotten very good results, so I am trying a new program this time………Thanks.

John A. Jones
I greatly appreciate you going the EXTRA MILE for me. That is why I keep coming back over and over and over again!

Hoeston Baker
I think you are the BEST Print & Mailer in the Country and I will continue to use your services for many years to come!!!!!

Beth Mauthorne
You are certainly a role model to me of real professionalism and integrity. That is something rare in this day and age. That is why I recommend you and use you all the time!

William Taylor
You did a fantastic job on my recent flyer I sent you to print and mail. I am already getting better results than expected.  I can’t tell you how much I truly do appreciate it!

Mary Bernice Shaw
It is a PLEASURE doing business with you and your company. You have been selected among many other companies as being the MOST RELIABLE and HONEST print and mail service around. I appreciate what you offer and value our relationship.

Kenneth Orris.
As usual, you have been more than fair in all your dealings with me and I want you to know that I truly appreciate working with you all these years.

Kay Dailey
I am very pleased with the results I am already seeing since I began having you do monthly advertising for me. Thanks a lot.

Violet Olita
I’m delighted with the response you’ve gotten for me with my monthly mailings Larry, and really appreciate your dedication!!

Dennis & Libby Devere
Thank you for all your hard work. My wife and I are happy we found you. Our business has grown by leaps and bounds with your help. Thank you!

Rick Varnel.
Just wanted to drop a line to tell you how much I enjoy your mailings. I especially like and appreciate your articles. I’ve found a lot of TRUTH in them and LOVE the way you TELL IT LIKE IT IS. You are real!

Ambrose Desir – Antigua
It is with great honor to be working with a MAIL ORDER EXPERT like you and I have no doubt in your honesty and integrity. Being from out of the country, it would be impossible for me to afford to direct mail in the states. However, with your all in one pricing and your complete dedication and honesty, I now am making money via direct mail. Thank you – it’s my honor!

Vincent Rogers
I have been saving the offers that have been coming to me for the last several months thinking that there would be some way to put them to good use and I found one – your reverse mailing recommendation!! After wasting good money on many schemes that did not pan out, I know that by following your instructions to the letter, this will change dramatically…and it has! God Bless Your Efforts!

James Singleton
Thanks for having such a simple system available for us to use. Too many others require a lot of money and a lot of effort and people don’t seem to be prepared for them or have the patience or perseverance to go a year or more. You not only teach what’s required, but your services don’t require much either. Finally, Thank God!!!

Bill Raney
I am receiving a 7% RESPONSE mailed to your list & each respondent enclosed $3 for further information. This is the best response I have ever gotten from any list! That is why I only use yours!

A. St. Brice, Virgin Islands
I have read all your free articles you generously share with anybody willing to read them that I feel I have met the Man already. Praise God! We still have a few good men around!

Prestina DeBraun
My checking copy looks wonderful. Much better than I though it would look. You did a great job! My thanks to you & your staff for doing such a wonderful job! You can be sure to expect future business from me. I was also very pleased with the results and for the affordable rates that you offer. This industry needs more honest men like yourself.

Charles Hensley Jr.
Through your mailings, I have already received my first commission check. Now I am also using your mailing list – with these two services, we have a GREAT ONE-TWO Punch!

Jeff Stewart
I am getting on a lot of mailing lists and I am receiving more & more mail every day. Your system is working great.

Patrick McCarville
Your articles are mind blowing and butt kicking. As you can guess, I was doing almost everything wrong all these years which is why I lost a fortune. If I woke up about 5 years ago when I was getting your literature, I could be worth a fortune by now. At least, I am awake now and starting to make money for the first time in years thanks to you.

Charlotte Ives
I am now enrolled in only a couple programs as per your advice……then when I started using your services, I actually started getting commissions for the first time in my life.  Your services are great for people like me to go on auto pilot because I have many other commitments and are short on spare time. Thank you for everything you offer!!

David Duncan
I must tell you Larry, you handled an angry customer in a calm and professional manner helping me understand the industry terminology. I want to thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to do so. I like your honest and personal way of doing things. That’s why I only use you now!

Karen Smith
Sir, you are doing great……..as you say, you must have patience and go for it. I stuck with the promote I was in instead of jumping ship early and guess what? I’m making money for a change! God Bless You. Take Care.

Melvin Knaster
I consider you as one of the Good Guys in Mail Order. That is why I have duplicated you, taken your advice, recommend you every chance I get and that’s why I am making money now. Thanks.

Etta May Mom
I finally wised up and decided to go with a winner!!! You!!! I was using many other companies and getting nowhere. They didn’t care. You do! As you said, what I have been doing hasn’t changed my financial situation one iota, so starting now, with the right person – you – and right services, I’m proving otherwise!!!

Sonney Brenner
I watched you for many, many years now and have come to admire and respect your persistence. You practice what you preach.  I’ve received your mailings for years always doubting what was in your packets. What a mistake I made!!!! I’ve gotten into MLM a few other times and lost my pants – or what was in my pants!!! Not this time. Now that I am using you, I am making money. Thank you so much!!!!

John Nyhan
Thanks for the wake up call! Everything you say is spot on! You’re absolutely right!

J.A. Figueroa
I recently used your mailing lists for my promotion. Here are the results compared to other mailing lists I rented: I mailed 1800 letters to their names, profit equals ZERO; With your names, I mailed 1300 of the same thing, my profit equals $1457!!! Thank you very much!! Here’s another order.

Kenneth D. Fletcher
You have BEST services I have ever been involved with. Your guidance has been GREAT in giving me the right direction too.  Hands down, everybody should be using you! Thank you very very much!

Dave Booker
After using your services and reading what you sent me, I have done a lot of thinking about what I was doing…..then when news came that I have gotten my first commissions, I was stunned. At that point, I called my upline and after a long talk, I can not stop!! You are the best! May God Bless You!!”

Sam D. Stepp
I am returning a few nixies, but I don’t want to be paid for them. I am very well pleased with your premium list of buyers……IT’S THE BEST LIST I EVER USED…….I received excellent results with a very small mailing! Here’s my second order.

Rev. Fred Zimmerman
You did a 3rd class mailing for me last October……just one mailing and as of today, I have tripled my profit.  It’s going great!!! I recommend you all the time now!

 James P. Ellers
I love your services! I am making more money than I ever dreamed of. You Larry, are simply a GENIUS!!!…and I LOVE working along with you for the rest of my life!

Thomas Okwuwa
When I first got your stuff, I was impressed with your information because it tends to put everything FOCUSED and in PERSPECTIVE. I came to the US some months ago….and in fact, my first time reading your stuff cleared many of my NAGGING notions……then when I put it into action – BAM! Your ideas work like a charm! Glad I know you!

Judy Mezen
I recently sent you several orders for 3rd Class Print & Mail Distribution. I MUST admit that I was genuinely surprised to find a company that does MORE than they say they will do on their advertising. On all of my circulars, you not only printed them satisfactorily, but you also enhanced them by adding colored inks to make them appealing and noteworthy. I want to Thank you for going “above and beyond” the call of duty in fulfilling my orders. I am sending you my sincere thanks and appreciation. I am using you exclusively now.

Jesse Butler


I have done business with you for more than 8 years and continue to do so. Thank you for being among the best!

 Katherine Swanson
I’m delighted to be working with you. You have come highly recommended and jsut from my inital contacts, I can see why. YOu are exactly what I need. Since I am disabled, your services only require a little amount of money and a little amount of effort. Thank you!

Robert Orr, Orlyn Enterprises


We are VERY PLEASED to have gotten many distributors thus far for the monthly mailings you are doing for me. You are right – patience and consistency are the most important ingredients!

Dale Woys, Woys Publishing
You are about the ONLY honest DEALER I have ever done business with. I will give you a good testimonial if you want it. The best testimonial I can give you is that I have been using your services for 6 consecutive years now. That in and of itself says a lot!

John Zedick


I believe everyone who is involved with Network Marketing should get to know Larry. He doesn’t make excuses. He tells it like it is. That is why he is still in business all these years, continues to be successful, and continues to become wealthier. And that’s why I have worked with him for more then ten years now. God Bless Him!!!

Bob McGovern.
I got my first sign up as a result of a reverse mailing. It really does work!! Thanks for a great suggestion!!

Melvin Knaster


I use your mailing service all the time, but this has got to be the fastest sale ever!! I received a sign up in only ten days!  Considering you are mailing thrid class mail, which is the cheapest and the slowest, it’s amazing! Can you beat this?

Sam Benefield
You’re ON! I’m In! Your name is as good as gold!! And after using your services for the last six months, your name is better than gold to me and my downliners!  Thank you for the great service!

Brett Wheeler


The first time, I used your list, I got a 5.4% response – I signed up 54 of those thousand people! That’s why I order thousand new fresh names every month for the last 38 months and continue to do so! Your lists are simply the best!

Mike Greene, Executive Liaison Services
I’m writing you to congratulate you on the well worded and well written artilces you give away for free.  They certainly are a real good product…you state all the true facts regarding this advertising, mailing, mailing list,a nd network marketing business…I have learned a lot just from reading your booklet….I am sending copies of it to all my downliners and recommend they use you!

Luis Archer


I mailed 1200 letters with names from Larry’s Mailing List and look at the results: $1050 in 22 days! Now I use them all the time. I also recommend my people to use them all the time! I always get my best results from his lists!

 Richard Malagutti


I would like to congratulate you on being the BEST Print and Mail Service I’ve done business with. I have used all the “so-called” print and mail compnaies out there, but I have received more responses from your service than all the other services combined! That is why I am using you again and again and again!

Ralph Myers
For years I’d been playing around this business, until I met you. I now am to sticking with your company to the end. I am making money for a change! Your style and programs seem to bring it all together. Thank you for your positive attitude and willingness to share.

Mike Munoz
The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra – you are extraordinary!!! I have enjoyed and profited by working with you all these years. Thank you!

Mr. Jean Bengston
Your versatility, honesty, and trustworthiness credit our Industry well…..you re the most decent I have ever met and I am not even in your downline!!! Thank you for doing mailings for me and my distributors and for helping us be very successful!

Tom S. “Big Al”
You are an inspiration to focused, hard workers in MLM. We need more people to be like you!

Michael Szirtes, Canada
As you probably know, you have a reputation in the Mail Order Industry of being the most honest honest print and mailer – not many are! After using your service a few times, I can honestly recommend that you are a good person to do business with!

Daniel Kraemer
I do want to say that overall I am quite happy with your service. You are always very thorough in your work. You are very honest and right to the point. I LIKE THAT!!!

Billy Loi
Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to be able to use your cooperative mailing distribution. Without it, I wouldn’t have been able to start my business and continue to make money. You have has changed my life…..I see the tremendous potential……In the past, I have wasted so much money on some bogus mailing services because I felt for their %$@#&!!!!! But the concept behind your company is brilliant!!!! I wish I got your stuff many years ago…..I would be rich by now!!

Mike Ganey
I am very excited to use your services. In the last program I was in, not only did it drain me financially, but I could never get in touch with anybody……and they made no attempts to contact me. However with your services, I am able to use it and recommend it to my downline. EXCELLENT! I also appreciate you staying in touch with me and I really like the way you handle your business by staying in contact.

 Irene Downey
After I have received my checking copy from my first order, I ordered another mailing, so I could be consistent as per your advice. I have to say I am glad that I followed your advice!!! I shall give you a reference to all!! Very good job!

Hazel Williams
You know what? I like your style. You are plain, open, & direct to the point. One either likes you or dislikes you. Good for you. That’s the way to make yourself clear! Being with you now for four years, you are my kind of guy!

Jonathan Polansky
I have been using you for the last 18 months and based on my results, I have full faith in you and your services, so I really don’t worry about anything other than making sure my bi-weekly mailings are going out on time! Thanks.

Carolyn Green
We’re so thankful for people like you! My downline has grown unbelievably using your services these last three years! As you can see, I’m thankful for you already!!!

Stanley Kim
Guess what? I‘ve been using your services for only 13 months and I just got my largest check so far – a $12,675 check from the company I am promoting. I feel great! Thanks to you!

Denis Hall
Thank you for taking the time to personally reply to my fax and for sending me your informative catalogue. I am very impressed! You come over as an honest, sincere guy….so I am going to give you a try.

Christine Lyon
I’ve heard such good things about your list from others in the same program as me, that I couldn’t wait to get it. And I am glad I did. Now I highly recommend your list to eveyrone I speak to.

M. Fay
My downline is the largest it has ever been and it continues to grow. All I do is use your monthly mailing service and encourage the people that join under me to do the same. That’s it – Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Glenn Thompson
I was so impressed with your articles that I gave your service a try. Good choice on my part. I’m sticking with you man!!!

Osbardo Sosa
I agree with everything I have read about in your article on “How To Use and Maximum From The Enclosed Mailing List.” You came highly recommended by a gentleman called Clarence Kaufmann. So when I use your mailing list every month, I am fully confident I am getting the best money has to offer! No complaints here.

Julius Thomas
I wish to THANK YOU for the help you have given me…with your free advice, your discounted advertising and quality mailing lists. I could have never succeeded without you!!!

Wayne Whitlock
I was very impressed with your printing quality from the sample mailing you sent me. So when I used your service, I still have ow expectations, but was I wrong!  It was beautiful! The two-color copy was very eye-catching and professionally done……and I am very pleased to have made the decision to use your services regularly.

Ernie Revell
My team and I have been following Larry’s advice and our downline is growing consistently with great results…..and since Larry’s monthly Newsletter is really informative, we have not gone wrong by following his strategies!

Chuck Mercer
I’m impressed with the results that I consistently get from your regular list and would now like to try your premium list. I have been telling my downline about your lists and I can’t wait for them to try them also.

Garry Miller from The Helping Hands Network
I wanted to THANK YOU for doing such a great job on the last order……I’m using you every month and I am very satisfied.  All my distributors seem to satisfied too. You must be doing a great job! Keep up the great work!

Reverend Frederick Torrez
Thanks for all that you are doing for me – and for all my teammates. I especially like your monthly newsletter with its numbered tips! Keep them coming and keep repeating them!! We’re all in for the long, long, long haul!!!

Stanley Bahdzewicz
What a blast! Since I have started using your services, I am making money – so are my downliners. Your system is GREAT and it’s working for ME!!!

Ella Vaughan
Thank you for all your help these past 7 months. My printing always looks great and the response has been phenominal! You’re GREAT!

Steve Price
I am very pleased with the expediency you perform every time I order. I don’t think there is anybody out there better than you!

Vivian Butler
I must have rocks in my head for not trying your services sooner.  Your list of names are always great with only a few nixies! And your mailings are professional and responsive. I recommend you use his services now!

Matt Neal
I can see why you are a successful businessman because of the way you do business. From the first time I did business with you by you telling me to send you another copy and you would re-print it – at your cost – to the current time where you told me to send you another flyer and you will print it for free by me being a good customer you have gained a customer for life!!!!

R. Ken McQuaig
I have been reading your articles every week and they finally got me on the right track. All your ideas made me understand what was going on. I now realize what it takes to make money. I am now using your mailing service for 5 months and it’s working!  You got your message out!!! Thanks.

Steve Price
I am very pleased not only with the expediency you performed with my postcard order, but with the high quality at your low prices too. Thank you very much!

Dan Lachendro
“Because of you, for the first time, I was able to use last month’s commission towards this order. I definitely keep plugging away as per your advice and it’s working! You’re the man!

Henry Korejwo
I’d like to let you know that August was a great month. I got many new members……all by following your advice. Since these were my first members, you can imagine how excited I was when I got the first notification. What really got me going, though, was when I received 13 new members in one day!  I put it down, walked into the living room, and then came back and looked at it again. And the commission check came on time! Larry, thanks for your advice, your services and your honesty. I’ve spent three years trying other stuff, but yours are real. These are definitely “Keepers!”

Jeff Adams
I just want to THANK YOU VERY MUCH AGAIN for your support. I couldn’t have succeeded in this business without you!

Dr. Bobby Freeman, National Services
Larry has been generating a tremendous amount of new members from his pronto mail service and I suggest you get involved with him…..his list is probably the freshest on the market……I say that due to the number of responses he has been generating for our members. Larry is the best!

Lloyd Gerald
I’m ordering from your Premium List again for the ninthteen time. Not only do I get a great response most every time, I only get a few nixies! That’s fantastic!! I don’t even want to see if anyone else can beat that! I’m taking no chances my friend for life!!

Jason Ralond, Infinity Services
Every time I roll out a new program, I use Larry’s mail services to a minimum of 50,000 people. Then when these people respond, I tell them to use Larry’s services and I get more and more and more new dealers at the most economical cost in the industry. I do this with every program I start. It works every time. I recommend you try this method too. It will work for you too! Guaranteed!

Jay MacDonald
Thanks a million for all the great advice you have been given me over the last bunch of months. Good advice is hard to find in this business. Everybody usually has their own agenda. Not You! I have been committing FINANCIAL SUICIDE in the past….but with your THERAPY, I’m finally on the road to recovery!!!

Estella Castellano
I am very happy that I my commission checks are increasing every month yet all I do is use your mailing services to 5,000 monthly. Thank you.

Dennis Monroe
I am always glad to hear from you. You didn’t have to personally write me back again. Yes, I do get impatient at times too. I think over ambitious people do at times. My impatience is based on the fact I have too many irons in the fire. I have always liked your calling it like it is – DON’T CHANGE!!! We need you!

Velma Riola
With your help, I’m trying again to get back on track. I’ve gone astray and fallen into many other “wrong” MLM’s. But now I’m here to stay the course and follow your advice and use your services. I now know I’ve learned my lesson. It’s slowly but surely working. That is what counts! Thanks for your help.  I should have listened to you 8 years ago.

Rick J. Ostlund
This may seem weird, but even though I am not in this business, I’ve enjoyed reading all your literature on the subject. It’s been very insightful. I must say I’m learning a lot about this business and people in general that I never know.  It’s pretty interesting to say the least.  Keep up the good work!

James E. Smith
You really leaned over backwards explaining yourself away and keeping at it. I used to get upset because I thought you talked too much and it is boring to read what you had to say. What a mistake I made. Not any more ever again!!! I have been with you for years and will continue to do so! Everybody should!

Peter Fischer
You have the BEST system I have ever been involved with. Your guidance has been GREAT in giving me the right direction. Thank you very, very MUCH!

Dave Booker
After reading your stuff for three months, I started a lot of thinking about what I was doing…..so I tried your mailings. Then when NEWS came that you got my first downliner, I was stunned. At that point, I called my upline and after a long talk, I couldn’t be stopped!! Now 984 donwliners later, I Thank God I tried you!  May God Bless You!!

Donald W. Sweeper
I am very excited about the future. I used your services all last year and have saw my business grow. I believe you are one of the BEST if not the BEST in the business.

Sam Bell
I read your articles all the time adn they are EXCELLENT!

Dan Tolliver
You’ve got great prices and excellent services that get me results!

Richard Gotlieb
I’d like to thank you for taking the time to make the changes on the classified ad you placed for me. You didn’t have to, but you did. I really appreciate it. Thanks again. It’s a privilege working with you.

Sam Michaels
I had received your opportunities for many years. Your material was always good. But I didn’t use you. Then after a long time, I gave you a try. Good thing I did. My business is booming! Keep up the good work. I hope to learn more from you. Thank you & make it a blessed day.

Norman Wilson
You have the best, most informative website in this business. Simply put – GREAT WEBSITE!

J. Franklin Burdell.
Thanks for getting my classified ad up so fast! Over the past 15 years, I have done business with you many times and always have gotten good results with your service!

John McTighe
Hi Larry. I stumbled on to your site, I think it is great. When I was 15 and stuck on a farm in a very rural area, I started a small mail order business. I remember getting mail from you and read it very carefully. I don’t remember if I ever bought very much from anyone but loved reading the sales letters people would put together. I was (and still am) fascinated by the world of mail order and direct response marketing. I ended up co-publishing an ad-sheet as they were called. I ran a few ads and sent out “big mail”. I didn’t become rich but it was fun and something to do out in the middle of nowhere. I sold SMC products when I got older very successfully and I am now 29 and own my own thriving cleaning product and service business and also sell a kit on buying and selling personal property. The lessons I learned in my youth from the material you would mail out helped me get started in crafting sales letters, marketing campaigns and more. Thanks Larry for the memories!

Gayle Rauchfuss
You have helped me enormously! I think you are GREAT! Everyone needs to be in touch with you!

Billy Simmons
Larry….Thanks for what you have done for me for so long I do appreciate it and know I will stay connected. You have been warning and helping people to wake up about many things we need to be aware of. No wonder the good Lord is blessing you. Keep it up!!!

 Natalie Mejia
Being of Spanish descent, and not having a command of the English language, your services make it easy for someone like me. You just mail them for me and the company handle the responses. I also have introduced many Latinos, who like me don’t speak English, to the business and they are all duplicating me very successfully! Using your services consistently works – period!!

Mark E. Smith
I like the work you are doing for me the last 6 months. It’s working well. Keep up the good work.

Richard Ralph
You’ve got a great business, Larry, and I very much admire and respect the way you operate it. That is why I recommend you to others and I use you every couple of weeks myself. Thank you!

David Goodman
Thank you for giving us an affordable way to reach many people. Because you are so cheap, I have been able to build my downline these past 14 months. You are straight forward and honest, and that is refreshing in the Mail Order Business. I am impressed!

Billy Simmons
Larry….Thanks for what you have done for me for so long I do appreciate it and know I will stay connected. You have been warning and helping people to wake up about many things we need to be aware of. No wonder the good Lord is blessing you. Keep it up!!!

 Leslie Hawkins
With your system, all I do is advertise small amounts every week and then answer my telephone. Then I advise the people who join with me to do the same. I have become the top distributor in two companies using this method so far. Thank you so much Larry for what you offer!

Lilian Pike
I am on your mailing list for at least 20 years now.  I do wish to express my sincere thanks for your prompt attention to all my orders I have ever sent.  I always use your service first to test my programs…..and if they do well, I go gangbusters. If they don’t, it’s not worth my time. Using your service to test new programs I join is how I make money. It is refreshing to know that there are still people of integrity out there.

Bernadette Sheeran
Have been with you constantly since 1991. You do a great job. Love your e-mails. Keep them coming! Don’t forget I use you all the time and recommend you to others constantly!

Kenny Farroe
It’s kind of amazing that after all these years of working with you, there’s one thing that I can always count on. You will personally respond to every request. Not always with what I want to hear, but you do respond and follow up as promised. Thank you!

Arnold Torrent, Million Dollar Millionaire

When I first started my program, I really had no idea what to do. But I called you and you spoke to me for 40 minutes and explained what I needed to do…….in detail……and I did it. I am now out of debt and making lots of money in this business. So needless to say, I recommend you to all my new dealers….always!

Jim Reed, Marketing Experts, Inc.
Everything you do is always good in giving us advise and telling us to hold in there!! We either keep a commitment or we are not going to succeed!! Thanks for keeping your finger in this area. We would not have anything if it weren’t for you.

Victor Perez
Hello Larry. I received my first commission check and although it wasn’t much, I know you guys started the same way, and it’s uphill from here on out!!! With your printing and mailing, and your great guidance, I stuck with it and I know I am on my way.  It was so exciting to get that first check. I hope to be able to help my downline in the same manner. Patience, consistently using your services and great upline support is all one needs to make it. Thanks for doing a great job with the P&M!! God Speed!!

John Ebanez

Thank you for opening my eyes and knocking some sense into my head! Since I started listening to you, I’m making money! Thanks!

Dan Simms, Lables Express
I’ve been getting your mailings for years. I have often thought, jeez, I really should use one of Larry’s services. He is a straight shooter. Finally honest answers from A REAL PERSON!! Whether you are new to this great industry or not, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you call Larry for a consultation. This man is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to promotions! I started working with Larry about a year ago. I must tell you, this has been the best year of my life! For those of you who finally want to make money in this great business, I urge you, call Larry! HE TELLS IT LIKE IT IS, GOOD OR BAD! Follow his advise. I DID. IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE! MY HATS OFF TO YOU Larry. THANK YOU FOR BRINGING OUT THE BEST IN ME.

Ryan Fogle
Your Newsletters, e-mails and offers are very informative and if I can’t read them when I get them, I put them to the side and read them later – they are just that good! I like how you check out each business before offering it to everyone. I’m just starting my third program using your services. The first two went very well. I’ll let you know how this third one goes.

John Lynch

Got your latest e-mail message and found it very inspirational and enjoyable as are most of your messages. It put me in a good mood for the rest of the day. I really enjoy your regular weekend e-mails as it tells me you care about us.

Eugene Natho
Simply said, I love your service and will never stop using it!

Miriam Nash
I am always very pleased with the prompt responses and courteous treatment. I will be working with you for a long time.

Keith Peterson

Larry, I have learned a lot from your articles and info. You tell it like it is–no hype or BS! I firmly believe that truly successful Home Office Business Owners must promote their opportunities both – Online & Offline. There are and – Will Continue To Be – a significant percentage of people who will not embrace the Internet. Yet, they are still desperately searching for income opportunities. Larry, your advertising offers allow Home Business owners like me to reach a large prospect base at very cost effective rates. How can you go wrong? That’s why I have used Larry’s advertising services many times in the past, and why I am planning to use his ad services always in the near future! Thanks Larry for your Long-term Service and Honesty. All the best to your continued success.

Allan Dunn
After working with you for the past two years, all I can say is that I am always very satisfied with your services.

Hope Carbonell
At first, I was always surprised and impressed at the quick responses I got to questions and requests. Now I expect it. You have spoiled me rotten. As busy as you are, you take time for the rest of us. Cool.

Rebecca Greenberg
I was wondering if you would mind if I added a link to your website and services on my Webpage? Since you come highly recommended, I would like to add you as a marketing tool. I know from information I have received from you that you are a man with high integrity and would appreciate your approval to use you as a link. A very good friend of mine has used your service regularly and highly recommends it. Thank you for what you do and keep up the good work!

Don Bartlett
Just want you to know that your articles continue to highly encourage me when things seem to be going bad. You are a TRUE MLM mentor! I have been pointing ALL of my downline to your moneymaking articles. You are a true professional to Mail Order & the MLM business! Thank you so much for writing these articles, and for making them free. (And simple). PS – I am so thankful to God for you.

James Davis

Hi Larry; Got your latest newsletter in the mail this past week, very interesting and informative as usual. I always read every word of everything you’ve ever sent me, even if I don’t act on it right away. I have to tell you I’ve probably learned more from you Larry then anybody else I’ve run across in this industry. It took me a long time to understand what I needed to do to make this industry work for me, but with your help and education, I’m learning. Thanks. You’re honest, straight to the point and give straight answers to what’s going on in the business were involved in. That’s a lot more then I can unfortunately say about some others I’ve had dealings with in MLM.

Gary Warren
You and I go back a long ways! I first talked to you in 1987. We met in person at the Sheraton in Bordentown, NJ in 1991. You have always been a person of integrity and I am very impressed with your success! Your friend I remain…

Rudy R. Taebel
“Thanks for your recent newsletter. It really made me think about commitment as far as mail order goes or anything else for that matter, especially life!  Thanks again. God Bless.

Ronda R. Piche
I enjoy talking with Larry on a regular basis getting his input into what I am doing.  I appreciate his direct approach and personal touch. The Internet has changed the way business is conducted. Larry truly is only a phone call away. It’s rare in the business world that you actually speak with the CEO. Keep up the great work!

Joan Tolson

I praise the Lord for your candid, encouraging and honest newsletters! It is a joy just to get interesting emails such as yours. You are truly a down-to-earth guy. That’s why I do business with you on a regular basis. I appreciate you very much and please keep up the good work.

Roger Faust
Best service I’ve had from anybody. Always see results from the print and mail orders I sent you every week. Thank you!

Faye Busby
Hello Larry, my name is Faye and I have only very recently been introduced to your services, and I must say I am amazed at your generosity. The information you share so freely is priceless. I want to thank you and tell you I have been reading your articles avidly and am learning much.

Dr. Gordon Shlom
I love your newsletters. I love your services. You are full of great ideas I have found to be very effective in all my business programs.

 Jaime Cardona
Knowing about your business for almost 3 years, and comparing them with other similar ones I can see a tremendous difference – I prefer working with you. I sincerely can’t see something better than the business you practice.

Homer C. Thornton

I have read many of your witticisms and words of advice and I know I have used them successfully with my team. Thank you very much.

Chad Thornton
Hi Larry, I need another 3,000 of your best opportunity Buyers names for my Fast Cash System. I must say that I have tried many list companies before and none have a better response rate and the least number of nixies than your list. Thank you.

Johnny L. Hayes
I just got your letter explaining what happened with the mailings, and I just wanted to say thank you – you guys really are the best, and on that note so are your mailing lists, I just finished a 500 piece mailing from home, and only received 4 pieces back as undeliverable – that’s over 99% deliverable! Plus I got over an 8% response! Your doing an incredible job with your services, Thank You!

Matthew Bettencourt

Larry, just got a couple 1099’s from the couple programs that you helped me promote…..did better this past year than I ever did before…..thanks for your help this past year. I’m with you all the way this year!

Colleen Mandato
Larry – at the beginning, by Colleen Mandato. Back in 1985, I read an ad that really excited me – someone in my own neighborhood was active in inner circle mail order! Someone local who spoke the language of commission circular, co-publishing and camera ready copy! This was terrific! I looked him up in the phone book and was soon invited over. A tall, smiling Larry met me at the door. He introduced me to his family and then ushered me into his office – which also served as his bedroom when he could steal a few minutes from his business! What struck me first was how completely organized he was. Already computerized, Larry made sure he was keeping track of every detail. Positive attitude sayings were hung around the room. Larry was (and is!) a person determined to succeed and never, ever give up! From there we went into the basement where the mailings were put together. It was clear to see that every advertiser’s circular was treated with respect. The work area was neat and clean. The piles of circulars were laid out on a table for easy collating. (This was a job he was already getting someone else to do…and if you have ever hand collated thousands and thousands of circulars you’ll know why!!) Larry was knowledgeable, a pleasure to talk with – a combination of excitement, caring and drive to succeed. We lost touch when I moved away but recently had a chance to talk again. Larry asked me to write this so that you, his friends and business associates, can get to know him a little better. Larry’s experience of starting from the bottom and working his way to a successful full time mail order business is a gift to you. He knows what works and what doesn’t. Save yourself some time and money – let Larry help you to the top!!

Charles Beeler
I finally have come across a totally honest business which I can do business with. I am so tired of the same old story of the MLM business taking my money and going out of business. You have explained what has been going on for the past ten years in the mail. I definitely enjoy doing business with you. Honesty breeds success’, ‘which in turn breeds money. Thank you for being there.

Thank you all so very much! Send me your testimonial to add when you get the chance. I Love You Guys! Call or write me any time with any problem, concern or just to say hi. I love to hear from you! I make no claim that we will be able to help anyone to the extent expressed in the testimonials above. But I will try! Larry C. (Just call me Uncle L.)