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Not all mailing lists are the same. Rent RED HOT mailing lists that will fill your box with cash orders from CME. When you are looking for a mailing list, your direct mail campaign needs to go to people who are most likely to buy, which means your mailing list needs to be chosen very carefully from a trusted source. Successful mailers agree that the single most important element for all direct mail campaigns is: “a list of responsive active names.” For years, we have accumulated a proven mailing list that we mail to each and every month. It has paid us nice dividends – now you too will profit from our mailing list. THIS LIST IS OURS! Your offers can really pay off with our up-to-the-minute lists of super responsive Inquiry Opportunity Seekers and Cash Buyers. If you have a good money-making offer, we can supply you with top-notch, hot-line names at unbeatable prices. We have in-housed over 1,800,000 names in our own computer database. From these 1.8 million names, we have narrowed it down to 150,000 HIGH QUALITY INQUIRY NAMES and 39,000+ CASH BUYERS NAMES! We are the Prime Source; therefore, there are no brokers or middlemen involved. It’s important to understand that THIS IS OUR LIST. It’s also important to understand that we mail to this list each and every month for our own offers and with The Lord’s Blessing, we have been able to make a FULL TIME INCOME for more than 29 years. The reason we tell you this is because we know all the other mailing list companies “claim” to have the best names around. Well if their names are so good, why is it they do not mail their own offers to these “so-called” high quality lists they are trying to dump off on you? Don’t you find that a “tad” bit odd? Our list is constantly being updated on a daily basis because we mail to it. We also subscribe to the NCOA service, which updates our list twice a year by using the USPS database to check for people that have filed a change of address with the USPS within the last 48 months. This insures that you get the FRESHEST, CLEANEST, and MOST SUPER PRODUCTIVE NAMES possible!


The first list are Our BEST CASH BUYERS! These names are red hot fresh active buyers that are updated daily. If these money-hungry, big-time spenders don’t respond to your offer – no one will. The mailing list is the single most important element for every mailing. With our Cash Buyers List, you are assuring your success. In fact, 90% of the people who have purchased our Cash Buyers Names have returned to us to purchase more. That’s 9 our of 10 people! That should tell you something! They are satisfied and you will be too! Our Cash Buyers Names come to you two ways: #1) On Peel & Stick Labels (no wetting involved) and #2) On Paper with their phone numbers for FREE. This way, after you do your mailing to these high quality active responsive names, you have our permission to do a telephone follow up also. Their just that GOOD! So be prepared!

We have had people come back to us and consistently report 10% response rates and better. One guy told us, which we even found hard to believe, that he got a 22% response from his “inquiry generating” 800 number postcard. Of course, he recommends us to all his associates. Wouldn’t you? The only drawback with our Cash Buyers List is that it is VERY LIMITED! Since these are our BEST CASH customers, we only have 39,000+ actual cash buyers of our advertising services available to rent. As a freebie, we also are limiting one program per name. This means “Joe Cash Buyer” is only going to get one promotion per “MLM Company.” We aren’t going to send the same names to people promoting the same program. That’s FREE program exclusiveness. If you want to rent the BEST Direct Mail Money Making Opportunity List around, then OUR CASH BUYERS NAMES ARE THE ONES YOU WANT!

Our mailing lists originate from generating leads in all our weekly advertisements placed in many national publications. Then after we follow up these leads with our offers, when they purchase, they become a CASH BUYER NAME. This is the BEST DIRECT MAIL MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNIST list you will ever get your hands on. Why? These are actual CASH BUYERS of our services. Since our services are all advertising related, all have recently responded to our own direct mail offers, having spent at least $50 or more promoting some Direct Mail Money Making Opportunity. Why is this important? Because you know the biggest problem in MLM is that so many people join into programs and then never spend any money promoting that opportunity. It has been statistically proven that 10% of the people who join into programs do 90% of the work needed to succeed. With Our Cash Buyers List, you will have the BEST 10% right at your finger tips at a 50% DISCOUNT!

The second list are Our INQUIRY OPPORTUNITY SEEKERS NAMES. The reason that most people do not succeed in the direct mail business, is simply because they do not know how to choose a list. The people on our inquiry mailing list are responsive inquiries who have answered one of our ads in the many national publications we run our ads in. They are interested in a wide range of money-making business opportunities. These are mail-responsive income opportunity seekers. They are live prospects for your direct-mail promotions of moneymaking offers. Every name and address on our Inquiry mailing list is a qualified income opportunity seeker. Each person on the list has shown a strong desire to pursue moneymaking opportunities. These are all ideal prospects for any offers which can show them how to make more money. If what you are promoting can help them, they’ll fill your mailbox with cash!

Since we do most of our own marketing by direct mail, we really understand the vital importance of well-qualified, fresh and responsive names for your success. We also know that we would have been out of business long ago if we couldn’t get your repeat business. The bulk of our sales are re-orders from satisfied customers like you will be. The reason? We provide superior Inquiry mailing lists at a reasonable price.

Because we sell only fresh, up-to-date lists, we can supply a maximum of 150,000 new fresh names at any one time. We sell strictly limited numbers of each name so the list is never overworked. Whether you need 500 names or 150,000 names, your order will be processed the same day priority mail shipped to you. We also will carefully record your order to avoid any duplication on future orders.

Why do we rent our customers names and our hot inquiries? Unlike most of our competitors, we can rent our customers names to everyone and not worry about you competing with us. Most of our competitors are themselves involved with numerous Direct Mail Money Making Opportunities. We aren’t. To better serve our customers, we believe it is essential not to be involved with numerous direct mail money making opportunities. This way we are never in a “conflict of interest” situation. We can help all of you with your programs and not worry about losing any of you valuable customers. Of course, our competitors are not going to rent you cream of the crop names because they would be afraid to lose them to a better opportunity – yours! We are different. We want them to join into your opportunity because we know when they do; they will come back to us for our mailing list and our mailing services. This means, we are kind of partners. We want people to join into your program so they will come back to us as well as you too!

Let me emphasize something. These names are not compiled lists, like 99% of our competitors. These are actual Cash Buyers or actual INQUIRIES! We did not receive an envelope in the mail and put their name in our database or buy the return envelopes from others or trade names with someone. These are real people who are hungry and interested in what you have to offer!

All orders are shipped out priority mail the very same day and guaranteed 100% deliverable or we will refund the 1st class postage you paid (up to 55 cents) for any nixie returned to us within 45 days from the date of shipment. We will not offer you a useless 10 names back for every nixie returned guarantee. You return a bad address, we’ll refund you CASH BACK! That’s a real guarantee!


#1) ITS OUR LIST As we mentioned above, we make a full time living mailing to these names. If other lists are so good, how come these other companies are not mailing to them? Don’t be FOOLED into believing the exaggerated dishonest claims of others. For a change, why don’t you rent a real list of names ready to receive your offer? Our list consists of people who have spent money with us or really inquired about our services, which include advertising, mailing lists and money making programs. These people are active and are fresh and are awaiting a good offer to enhance their lives and make them and you money!

#2) FIRST CLASS POSTAGE CASH REFUND FOR ALL NIXIES As we previously mentioned, this is our list and its cleaned daily. We also use NCOA. Since our lists are updated regularly with fresh new names added and deleted daily, our names are guaranteed deliverable! We won’t offer you a worthless “10 names back” refund, like our competitors. We know all lists have “nixies”, but most of the time, with our list since we mail to it regularly, you will get less than 4% “nixies” back. However, we always want you to return this small amount back to us and we will send you a cash refund – the first class postage you paid (up to 55 cents). Discover the difference in response to your offer a quality guarantee makes!

#3) FREE PEEL AND STICK LABELS We send you our best names on peel & stick labels (no wetting involved) ready for your first class mailings. If you need your list in zip code order or on diskette or emailed instead, we will do this free of charge. Our names are printed in black ink on the highest quality peel and stick labels (no wetting) in random, mixed state order. Give your Mail Order offers the quality mailing they all deserve with these hot names!

#4) FAST SERVICE AND GOOD PRICE We ship all orders same day via First Class Priority Mail FREE because we know you want your list FAST! If you want us to send it overnight EXPRESS MAIL, no problem – Just pay for the additional fee. Fair enough? And at $75 per thousand for Inquiries or $150 per thousand for Cash Buyers (with the 50% discount), we feel we are giving you an excellent quality list with the fastest possible service at the lowest possible price. And don’t forget our ironclad “first class cash postage” refund guarantee! Don’t rent or buy cheap lists. You’ll lose every time!

#5) EASE IN ORDERING AND LOW MINIMUMS You may charge to your MC, Discover, Visa, or Amex. by simply submitting your order thru PayPal or just print out the order form and mail it back to us with a check or money order. Easy! Additionally most List Brokers offer mailing lists such as these for as much as $100 per 500 names, but their minimum order is usually 5,000 names. We like to work with the “little guy,” so we offer you a minimum order of 500 names. We know that once you tabulate the results of your test, you’ll be back for more!

#6) DUPLICATION PROTECTION Unlike most of our competitors, we carefully keep track of every order we receive to make sure the names you get are not OVERWORKED or DUPLICATED with someone else promoting the same program as you. This is done FREE OF CHARGE! You’ll just simply get our Best, Non-Duplicated, Never Overworked Names! That is why you will be back for more, like 90% of the people who use our lists!

#7) TARGETED MAILING LIST Once again, unlike most of our competitors, we only offer one specialized targeted list – “Direct Mail Money Making Opportunists”…….or in English, “People Who Are Actively Looking For Your Direct Mail Money Making Opportunity.” We don’t have 89 categories of lists to choose from, so this allows us to stay on top of our lists to insure you get the best freshest names possible for your Moneymaking Opportunity! That’s target marketing at its best!

#8) THESE ARE NOT COMPILED LISTS Lastly unlike 99% of our competitors, we did not compile our list from other sources or from mail we received. These names inquired about our services, then we followed them up. If they bought from us, they became a cash buyer. We are constantly deleting, adding, correcting and analyzing our names to insure they are the best freshest names around – again, we mail to them ourselves, so if we are not on top of our names, we would be costing ourselves lots of money!

Direct Mail Leads of People Actively Seeking Money-Making Opportunities to Help Them Increase Their Incomes!
These are EAGER PROSPECTS waiting for you to show them your offer!
Rush your order today and receive more business, more orders and more profits tomorrow!

All lists are sent to you on peel and stick labels for your mailings.

These names are rented for one time use only.

If you wish to purchase the names for multiple uses, please call us for a price quote.

All mailing list orders ship same day priority mail for FREE. Thank you.

Our Names Are GREAT For ALL MLM Opportunities & ALL Money Making Opportunities promoted through the mails!!! Yes! We do keep track of which names you ordered, so when you order again, we will not duplicate the same names! Our names are seeded to check for abuse. We maintain our names In our state-of-art computers, so you get fast and efficient service. The names of your order are given a code to assure that you or anyone else in the same program will never get the same mailing list names on future orders. So make sure you also let us know the name of the program you are promoting to avoid duplication with others promoting the same program.

freereportAS AN ADDITIONAL FREE BONUS, all mailing list orders receive either a free vacation certificate good for a 3 day/2 night stay at over 25 fantastic resorts or a free $1,000 grocery certificate, good for tremendous savings right at your local supermarket. That’s FREE with all orders. Plus, all orders will receive our free award winning report, “How To Ruin Your Mail Order/MLM Business In One Easy Step!” This report alone will save you and make you more money than you ever dreamed – it’s free with all orders also. To qualify for these free bonuses, you need to order now before this offer is no longer available!
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