A Few Tips For Newcomers: (written July, 1991)

MLM in my mind is the greatest business in the world. Unfortunately newcomers are here today and gone tomorrow totally disillusioned and disgusted with what they thought MLM was, but in reality most newcomers to MLM, including myself many years ago, are not realistic in their approach when they first get involved. So here are a few tips for all newcomers to MLM……

#1) MLM Is A Business so you shouldn’t join more than one company at a time or join into more than you can handle – both financially and mentally. Spreading your eggs around will certainly lead to disaster because you will probably run out of money and when this occurs, your cash flow becomes limited and you simply won’t have enough time or dollars to build your organization. In reality each MLM company is a separate business and realistically you should choose the one you feel is the best company, with the best products and services, with the best marketing plan that fits your needs and the one you will be proud of telling people you are involved with. Then you need to stick with it and make a commitment. You should be able to make more than enough money in the long run with just one MLM when if you commit to promoting it.

#2) Research This Great MLM Industry Of Ours. Go to your public library and start reading about our industry. You don’t have to buy anything as information is usually free. You can also “pick” other MLMer’s brains by calling them and talking to them. Just stay focused on the research and don’t get sidetracked by all the competing offers that show up in your mailbox everyday. Just read everything, but don’t believe it all – learn from it all!

#3) Be Cautious – Go Slow. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to start. Don’t think by spending more without any knowledge of what you are doing is going to make you a success. It is far better to start slow, stay small, build your organization slowly, methodically, build a customer base, continue to read and learn about MLM, and then reinvest whatever profits you do make back into advertising. You need to spend some money, but be cautious and go slow.

#4) You Are Not An Expert and neither is the guy you are reading or talking to. Advertising and marketing are not scientific methods, so by going slow, testing, trying, keep trying, keep testing, listening to others and testing their ideas, you’ll learn how to become an expert with your advertising and marketing. Just don’t think it is that easy. It takes time, testing and learning.

#5) Be Careful. There are a lot of scams out there. If it sounds too good to be true, it 99% sure is! Since MLM is a business, it requires your time, effort and money. If something promises you no work, no money, and no time, it probably is illegal and won’t work. You decide how much time, effort and money you are going to spend and make sure you only get involved with real people promoting real products with a real genuine MLM program.

#6) This Is A Business. I mentioned it a number of times, but unless you treat your MLM as a business and not a hobby, you won’t make any money. If you want a hobby, try painting or model car building. This a business and as with all business, some make money, some lose money. Treat your MLM as a business so you are not on the losing end!

#7) Make A Commitment. Give your MLM a total commitment for between 6-12 months before you decide positive or negative. This includes your heart, mind, and soul. You must be willing to invest a few bucks at the start, invest your profits and stick with it for a period of time. Your worst mistake is trying it for 3 months, lose money and then declare you failed. Remember that you did not fail, you just quit too soon.

Use these tips from your Uncle Larry and in no time, you’ll be surprised at how well you do in the long run.

The author of this article is Larry Costello, President of All-American Print & Mail, 2200 Wilson Blvd #102-57, Arlington, VA 22201.