Do You Have Gas? (written April, 2001)

If you have the kind of gas that makes other people leave the room, please take some Ex-Lax or something. However, if you have the kind of gas I am talking about, you cannot be anything but successful! Advertising is the gas the fuels your business.

I think too many of you good people undervalue your own abilities and put too much credence in what other people claim. Fact is – MLM is great! MLM, to me, is the greatest moneymaking opportunity in existence today for a little guy to be wildly successful without much money to start. I am living proof of this. So I know this is a great business! What I find is that too many of you nice people rely almost exclusively on others and underestimate your own true value.

I can’t tell you how to run your business, what you should dream about, who you should work with – that wouldn’t be right – what I can do is tell you what I do everyday and how I did it in the past. My business is my responsibility, so no matter what anybody ever tells me, I know I will have to do the majority of the work required to make it successful. I give it the “gas” to make it run.

Too many of you don’t give your business enough gas or for that matter, any gas to run it. If you had a car, and gave it a full tank of gas and let the tank run out without replenishing it, what would happen? You probably would be stuck wherever you were. Well an MLM company is a “business vehicle” and it needs gas to run it. In fact, all businesses are vehicles, whether you own an IBM Computer store or your local hardware store. Without somebody giving gas to run these businesses, where would they be? Nowhere! This is where so many of you good people fail yourself and underestimate your own true value. Fact is, we all know, if we are going to succeed in any endeavor, we need to put the most energy into it. Then why I ask do so many of you fail to give your business vehicle any gas?

With my business, as with all businesses, we have our ups and our downs. When we have our ups, we save money. When we have our downs, we have to take the money we saved and put hi-test into our business to re-energize it. There aren’t any simple solutions or simple answers. But when push comes to shove, too many of you quit. Too many of you forget to fill your gas tank and re-energize your business regularly and consequently you fail.

Advertising is the GAS for your business. If you are in business and you are not advertising as much as you can, then you are failing yourself & consequently, your business will die. When advertising works, it is an investment. When it fails, it is an expense, but I assure you that your greatest expense better be your advertising, because a brand new desk isn’t going to create any sales. Advertising is your gas. Advertising is what fuels your business. Some advertising works better than other advertising, but that only comes with constant trying and constant testing. But you still have to constantly give your vehicle gas in order for it to run. The minute you stop giving your business advertising dollars or your car gas that is where you will stand until you re-energize it with a new fresh tank of gas.

We all realize that life is not perfect. All advertising will not work the same or produce fantastic results. But if your car broke down, you would fix it – well if your advertising isn’t working, you need to re-work it and keep testing. Every one of us wants to succeed – that is our dream. Well how can we reach these dreams if we don’t give it the gas necessary? Is it possible? You are the gas station owner. Where this gas comes from, nobody knows, but I realize many of you will come up with excuse after excuse. Stop wasting your time and energy with excuses. Just put an unlimited amount of gas into your opportunity, give it time, be committed & you’ll be speeding down the highway of success before you know it!

Isn’t that what we all want?

The author of this article is Larry Costello, President of All-American Print & Mail, 2200 Wilson Blvd #102-57, Arlington, VA 22201.