Features Of Self-Made Millionaires (written June, 1997)

The average person falsely believes self-made millionaires are extremely intelligent, very lucky or especially gifted. They believe there is some “secret thing” millionaires have they cannot obtain. Exhaustive scientific research shows this is simply not true! Self-made millionaires make themselves rich. What they have is the millionaire mindset, which turns them into human wealth-creating machines. They train and feed their minds regularly. Anyone of average intelligence can attain super wealth. Here is a factual listing of how many self-made millionaires think and work.

#1. They think for themselves, setting a personal wealth goal. They don’t let “other people” set wealth limits for them. This allows them to constantly be on the lookout for money making opportunities. When they spot them, they are psychologically prepared to move on them and don’t hold themselves back.

#2. They rarely make it big on their first try. Often times their “big payday” follows a series of failures. The failures don’t stop them. They learn from their mistakes, make corrections and keep trying. Walt Disney went bankrupt three times before cashing in with his silly idea of a little mouse named Mickey!

#3. They turn their money making idea(s) into a mission. When you are on a mission, you are engaged in a very important activity. The feeling of importance provides you with self empowerment and radiates outward from you. Others get out of your way or join forces with you. Multimillionaire Andrew Carnegie’s mission was the making and marketing of steel. This mission yielded him over $500 million.

#4. They work in the area of their natural talent. Everyone has at least one natural talent, even you! What you love to do is a major clue as to what your natural talent is. If you can figure out a way to make money with your talent, a fortune awaits you!

#5. They aren’t afraid to take risks. This means when they see a potential money making opportunity, they aren’t afraid to go for it. They have confidence in their decisions. (I’m not talking about gambling or getting into get rich quick schemes.)

#6. They are usually entrepreneurs. Over half of the self-made millionaires did it through entrepreneurialism. They made money in a business of their own. They had control of what they were doing to make money. Many times they started out working for a company but “didn’t fit in.” They were fired, laid off or quit on their own – a turning point in the life of many of them.

#7. They didn’t get caught up in “everyday” problems. We all have similar problems related to living, but self-made millionaires are able to waste little time thinking about them and maintain focus on their money making mission. The average poor person is all caught up in a web of meaningless trivial problems. They exist without purpose.

#8. They are linear thinkers. They focus on one task at a time. They work systematically moving from one task to the next. They don’t skip around, leaving a collection of half finished projects in their wake. They work concept to completion, then move on.

#9. They organized, long range planners. Many times they have a year’s activities all laid out in advance. Often they work each day from a prioritized things-to-do list and subsequently knock the items off.

#10. They engage in continuous learning. They read educational, personal development, self-help and business books. They attend seminars and classes regularly. Like sponges, they absorb knowledge, especially as it relates to their business. They are searchers seeking success and finding it!

The author of this article is Larry Costello, President of All-American Print & Mail, 2200 Wilson Blvd #102-57, Arlington, VA 22201.