Get The Mental Edge (written December, 2006)

It’s time to not only re-evaluate your goals, but your mental approach to successful mail order. You need to learn the importance mail order psychology. In mail order, strong will, determination and the right mental approach are all important for your success and for you to be consistent in the heat of battle. The reason you are great one day and poorly the next can be explained in two words – mental approach. Your physical skills didn’t change, but your mental approach did.

Up until about a decade ago, psychology was for people only when they had a problem – not for someone healthy and productive. Nowadays all sorts of people – from the most stable to the least stable – seek help with the mental side of their lives before problems arise. So no matter how successful you are, you can always improve. The mental approach is a very important part of getting better and being even more successful!

All kinds of people spend hours physically trying to get in and stay in shape. Yet though it’s a growing number not that many people still really try to get an edge from what’s right in front of their noses, or more accurately right above their shoulders. The mind body connection is a very powerful one. For everything you think in your mind, your body has a reaction, regardless of whether it’s real or imagined. For example, think of having a bad dream. Usually you wake up with your heart racing and body sweating and agitated even though all you were doing was sleeping. In your mind though, there was something bad going on and your body was reacting to it. With this premise it becomes unmistakable how necessary it is to train both the mind and body for peak performance.

Slowly but surely people are realizing the daily grind of life is mental and thank God, they are doing something about it. They are seeing psychologists, reading books and devoting time to team-building and mental training. In life as in mail order so many things are left to chance. Why not try and control your mindset? Many people in all avenues of life see therapists to improve their daily mental approach to all of life’s challenges!

When there are two people that are physically equal, it is the person that works harder and is more mentally prepared and confident that will come out on top. (Keep in mind though, no mental training will compensate for ineffective technique. You need to be strong, mentally and technically.) To be successful in mail order, work on both the physical aspect of your body and the mental aspects of your mind to handle the daily challenges that constantly arise. Learning these tools will help you in life as well as in mail order.

And after speaking to thousands of you over the years, developing the right mental approach would help so many of you be more successful in mail order. Good luck! 

The author of this article is Larry Costello, President of All-American Print & Mail, 2200 Wilson Blvd #102-57, Arlington, VA 22201.