How You Can Build A Tremendous Downline With Little Or No Money!!! (written January, 1998)

Let me first say that I hope your New Year is a healthy & prosperous one for you. Please make 1998 the year that starts you on the way to your financial success. I have been very fortunate that I have now been in business a long time. I didn’t have any special schooling or talent or ability. All I had and still have today is the desire to find a way to help enough people, so that I can help myself. That is the essence of MLM. You may wish to start and adopt this philosophy. Sure you won’t be able to help everyone – because they don’t see eye to eye with you or vice versa. The key is to help enough people accomplish their goals so you can accomplish yours. Again it doesn’t take any special schooling or skill or talent. It just takes a commitment from you to accomplish your goal. That is what I have done and with The Lord’s Blessing, I have been able to accomplish this goal for many continuing years. Hopefully I will be able to help you also.

Lately I have been marveled at the lack of intelligence many of us have been employing regarding building our downlines in our specific MLM programs. What do I mean? Well when we recruit some downliners or new distributors, how many of you actually point them in the right direction? I see all too many times that you spend a fortune to recruit people and put absolutely no effort into showing these new downliners what to do. Now I am not talking about training new distributors. This is important too, but I am talking about simply showing your new downliners what you are doing – not training them – but showing them what you are doing so they can duplicate you. Isn’t that what MLM is all about. Duplication? Well if so many of you are not sharing with your downline what you are doing so they can duplicate it, then aren’t you defeating the whole purpose of the MLM concept? Hey this is not a criticism. I understand that most people overlook this fact. The difference between those who succeed and those who don’t are the ones who do not overlook this fact.

Let me show you a simple method for your success, which eleven other distributors for different MLM’s have utilized this month alone. Joe X had me mail out for him 10,000 of his flyers for his program – Program G. He recruited some distributors from this mailing. When his new distributors joined into his program, instead of welcoming them and sending them a ton of useless information, Joe X knew that 90% of all new downliners do absolutely nothing, so instead of sending them a ton of information, he simply told them to have me mail out 10,000 flyers for 6 consecutive months for them. He also showed them that with only one new downliner recruited per thousand mailed, how large their organization would be after 6 months. You see Joe X didn’t promise his new downliners instant results, nor did he show them an unrealistic example. What he did, which I suggest you start doing right now, is show them an exact way they can make money, with an exact method and provided them with little results. Why? Because Joe X realizes that if his program – Program G – is to succeed, he has to get his downliners to promote and instead of “hyping” them to death, he simply showed them with a small percentage of return, how much real money they can make if they consistently promote. Isn’t that how you should be building your downline? Joe X currently has over 100 distributors all using my services. You can figure it out. 100 x 10,000 per month = 1,000,000 million circulation each month promoting his own downline for the program he is in – Program G. By the way, I hope you also see that Joe X is not spending any more money to promote his downline, yet he is reaping all the benefits of the million plus circulation his downline is getting. Right?

How can this be applied to you? Very simple. Why don’t you use my services for print & mail for 5,000 to 10,000 per month or use my mailing lists for 1,000 per month. Then when you recruit someone, instead of you spending more money on promotion, why don’t you advise these new downliners to do what you are doing? So for arguments sake, let’s say you have me do 20,000 circulation mailing. Let’s say you get a horrendous response – say one per 2,000. That’s 10 new distributors. Well wouldn’t it be advisable to tell each of these 10 new distributors to have me mail out another 20,000 for each of them? Wouldn’t it benefit you tremendously? If each one of them did 20,000 circulation that would be another 200,000 being mailed you didn’t pay for while building your own downline. To keep this example moving along, let’s say they got the same horrendous results that you have gotten, that would only be another 100 distributors all sending out another 20,000 each equaling 2 million more flyers promoting your own downline you didn’t pay for. I hope you can see how easy you can build a tremendous downline with little money – just by being honest, forthright and by showing your downline exactly what to do. With my simple example above, even with a horrendous response – horrendous – you will still make a small fortune in any program you are promoting!!!!! So my friend, why are you not doing it? I’ll tell you why. No one has ever showed you this simple method and even when someone may have showed you, you probably overlooked its importance. I would highly recommend you start taking advantage of this simple, yet very effective method to build your downline with little or no money.

Please don’t do what some guy did to me the other day. After I explained my system to him, he said that he would test my service first and then decide if he would recommend that his downline use my services. Stupid!! First of all, what is he testing? I just showed you that even with a horrendous response, you can’t do anything but succeed and worst yet, 90% of downliners don’t do anything, so if you wait for a test to be completed, by the time you sufficiently gather all the results, these downliners will be history – long gone. What is better? Having downliners try something or having them do nothing? Since most downliners do nothing, my suggestion is that you do not do what this guy did. You only would be hurting your own success. Just be honest. When a new downliner joins, tell them that you have found a low cost method for them to use and even at the worst, they will succeed. Instead of telling them high percentages, you will show them that even with low percentages they will succeed. Then if they get high percentages you will look great! You cannot fail when you get your downline to promote and you don’t have to use me exclusively. I would suggest you use me first to help build your downline and then branch out to other advertising vehicles.

The key is to get your downliners to do something – and to do something immediately. I don’t care who you are or how much money you don’t have. A tremendous downline can easily be build when you do not overlook your most important asset – your current downline. It’s been nice chatting with you this morning, but I have to get my downliners to promote, so I will be writing to them right after this. See you at the top.

The author of this article is Larry Costello, President of All-American Print & Mail, 2200 Wilson Blvd #102-57, Arlington, VA 22201.