Make Big Money With Co-Publishing! (written June, 2001)

Many years ago I started my business by doing 1,000 “big mails” each month with co-publishable papers that led to the advertising business I have today. Co-Publishing can be profitable. It can be fun. And it definitely lends credibility to your business.

What is Co-Publishing? Co-Publishing is when you send your ad to a publisher and he prints the amount of copies that each person who sent in an ad can mail. For example, if the publisher gets 50 ads and each one of these people, who sent in an ad mails 500 copies, then the publisher prints 25,000 copies. Then he sends 500 to each of the advertisers to mail in their own mailings and the circulation is 25,000. You then stamp your name and address in the “co-publishers box” on the front of the publications and when someone sends you an ad, you usually keep 50% and send the other 50% to the publisher with the ad. This is a very simple and very inexpensive way to get your ads into circulation.

Here’s how you make money from Co-Publishing….

#1) You must make a commitment to mail out 500 big mails each month to people who know you or know of you. With this in mind I recommend you go to your local Post Office and get a bulk mail permit. The Post Office will explain all the details to you. It’s simple.

#2) Write a professional and friendly letter to every publisher of a publication you admire and ask this publisher if you could mail 500 copies of his publication each month for co-publishing rights. Most publishers will quickly say yes as long as you promise to send them a sample bulk mail with their publication each time.

#3) Make up a list of all the publications and ad sheets that you co-publish and offer a 10%-25% additional discount for advertising through you. You still will make 25%-40% profits! You can also offer free ad design and free typesetting. This will help you learn about helping other people with their promotions.

#4) When you get the publications from each publisher, include them in your big mail package along with the discount publications list that you created in step 3. Again make sure you only mail to people who you know, done business with or people who sent you their offers in the mails.

#5) When orders start to come in from these mailings, deduct your commission and forward the balance to each publisher with the ad.

This is a quick, easy and profitable way for you to make money and help people with their advertising promotions as well as see what others are doing to make money. Try it, you’ll like it!

The author of this article is Larry Costello, President of All-American Print & Mail, 2200 Wilson Blvd #102-57, Arlington, VA 22201.