MLM – Take the Winning Approach! (written August, 2000)

Being in this wonderful business for many years now, I want to say from the deepest part of my heart, that most of the people I speak to and most of the people I get letters from are very nice and very special. Most of you are just downright good hardworking honest people. What I don’t get from most of you is why you look at this wonderful business any different then you look at life.  Is Life easy? No it isn’t, but it is a great challenge and a fantastic voyage for us all! Is your job easy? No it isn’t, but with hard work, dedication and commitment, you achieve success. Are your relationships with people easy? No it isn’t, but with understanding, compassion and empathy, you have many friends. Well with all due respect, what makes you think MLM is easy? MLM in my opinion is the greatest business in the World. It does not require a lot of money to get started and you earn what you are willing to put into your business. Tell me any job, any investment opportunity, any business that exists today that has low up front costs and pays you more than what you are worth? Yes, you’re right – MLM. That’s why it is a great opportunity for you!

Building an MLM organization takes time before time will build your MLM. You need to work your MLM before your MLM will work for you. You must learn that consistency makes a winner before you can be a consistent winner. You must realize your goals before your goals can be realized.  You must be able to see the winning line to line yourself up with the winners.

Most of the good people I talk to and hear from in this wonderful industry of ours only walk half the way down the road of success, only to return to the starting line to start it again or to never start again. They lack the vision and in most cases, a simple knowledge of the beauty and power of MLM. When they see a glorious home, they fail to see the individual bricks it took to build that home. You see a beautiful brick home does not appear over night. It all starts with a single person with a vision. That person moves that vision into action to form its reality. The land must first be cleared of all mis-beliefs. The foundations formed from determination and perspiration.  Brick homes are build one brick at a time. The more brick layers you can find, the quicker the structure is built. Building your MLM is no different. After a while, you’ll see the building grow by itself, sell itself, and make you lots of life changing options forged in financial success. You are the builder. You have the vision. Since every builder needs a plan, a written plan that is branded with a deadline works best.

Each construction needs a boss – a leader – which is you! You are your own boss. There is you the worker and you the boss. You have now contracted your own way to success and being that you are also the boss, you are there every second of every day. You are forming an agreement for the success you crave. You will state the days you work, the exact time and hours of work that you will put into your empire. When you take a little time off, bang! There he is – the boss – staring you in the mirror screaming breach of contract. You are your own boss, so be strict and stick to your own agreement.

Earning $10,000 a month in MLM is extremely easy! The hardest part of making $10,000 per month is your first $1,000. Are you familiar with this geometric progression scale? This scale shows you why the “Heavy Hitters” appear to be a whale, but in reality, the “Heavy Hitters” are just a school of fish. I’ll show you – Month one, the Heavy Hitter gets one person – total members for month one are 2. Month two, the Heavy Hitter and his new member gets one new member each – total members for month two are 4. Month three, Heavy Hitter and all new members get one each – total members for month three are 8.  Month four, Heavy Hitter and all his members get one new member each – total members for month four are 16. Month five, Heavy Hitter and all his members get one new member each again – total members for month five are 32. Month six, Heavy Hitter and all his members get one new member each again – total members for month six are 64. Month seven, Heavy Hitter and all his members get one new member each again – total members for month seven are 128. Month eight, Heavy Hitter and all his members get one new member each again – total members for month eight are 256. Month nine, Heavy Hitter and all his members get one new member each again – total members for month nine are 512. Month ten, Heavy Hitter and all his members get one new member each again – total members for month ten are 1024. Month eleven, Heavy Hitter and all his members get one new member each again – total members for month eleven are 2048. Month twelve, the Heavy Hitter and all his members get one new member each again – total members for month twelve are 4096. I would like to point out that with this geometric scale, all everybody did was sponsor just one new person each month. When you stick to this plan and stick to your MLM Program for twelve months, and when you bring in just one new member per month and have them do the same, the above plan will happen!

Unfortunately as I previously stated, so many of you good people have good intentions and start off well, but just can’t wait to be rich! You just can’t wait for the payday. Too many of you give MLM six months and finish. Why? Because you feel things are not moving quick enough and the grass on the other side is looking greener and greener. In the above example, the new member after only six months of hard work has only 63 members, but when they stick it out another 6 months, their downline would increase by 650%! That is the power and the beauty of MLM – Geometric Progression!

So the question remains. Why don’t you give yourself and your MLM Program at least one years’ worth of effort and commitment? I have said it many times, if you are only going to give it a few months chance, then why bother? The only place where “money” comes before “work” is in the dictionary. First you have to work for your MLM and work real hard with commitment! Then your MLM Program will work hard for you. The difference between success and failure in MLM is basically a time factor and your level of consistency in working your plan.

We all would love to have 4,096 members after only twelve months like this scale. It is a simple formula that will work. The problem you might encounter is how do you give yourself a better than average chance of this scale working for you. How will you also ensure your downline will recruit for you? I will tell you how. Be a leader. Be the leader you dream about by being committed to working this formula and not accepting failure. Bring in as many people per month as you can. You can bring in ten per month or one every two months. The key is to be a leader and stay committed, stay focused and that will show your new members what success is all about. The plan will work for you when you work the plan. It doesn’t matter what program you are promoting. You are the difference. Give yourself a chance and you will succeed. And you know what? From what I can tell, after speaking to so many of you, you deserve to succeed.

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