PROBLEMS // PROBLEMS // PROBLEMS Continued……(written March, 2002)

Everyone on this earth has problems.  Why is it that we do not handle these problems well when it comes to our wonderful industry?  Why is it that we always seem to “point the finger” at everyone else?  Why can’t we all take responsibility for our own actions and accept the fact that we are the “masters of our own destiny”? Why ask why?

I love you guys out there. I love this business. I love all aspects about this business – even the so called “bad” things. What is it? Did I just lose my marbles? No! Not at all! You see, many moons ago, I decided to be responsible for myself and my own actions. If there is an obstacle, I decided that I would have to learn to overcome it somehow, someway. I didn’t rely on someone else to do it for me and I didn’t point the finger at others as an excuse. I learned back then and I still do it today. I simply take “the bull by the horns” and get done whatever needs to be done. That’s it!  Plain & simple // simple & plain.

Why is it that so many people, like yourself, refuse to accept this philosophy?  Why do you think someone else will build a downline for you? Why do you think that if you mail out a few thousand flyers, you will get a few thousand replies? Why do you think badly of others when you fail?

Question #1 – Why do you think someone else is going to build your downline for you?  Obviously there are many advertisements out there that claim to do so would be one answer.  But, let’s use a little common sense.  If somebody could, why would anyone build a downline for you in the first place?  Don’t say because they make commissions on you. If that were the case, they would build a downline for every member of their family first before even considering to build a downline for you!  I have seen it case and case again – nobody is going to build a downline for you.  Some people may try – as I have in the past – but inevitably their system won’t work.  Why won’t it work?  MLM is a great concept – “People Helping People”.  This refers to two people helping each other. If one person carries the load, how can both of them be successful?  Second, the numbers are against the one guy trying to build your downline in the first place.  How can they sponsor enough people to satisfy you? Let me tell you a story that happened to me.  I was sponsoring a few hundred people each month.  I physically, humanly, and everything else you can think of, was completely exhausted. It was impossible for me to sponsor anymore than that because of the demands.  200 is a lot you say.  Everyone wins if I place people in their downline you say?  Humm? Lets examine this:  I have 5 first levelers and each one of them gets five and so on down the line.  Funny thing happens here as it happened to me.  By the time I get to my fourth level, I need 625 new downliners to fill in my matrix.  On my fifth level, I need 3000+.  If I cannot sponsor more than 200 people monthly, how can I build your downline?  It can’t be build, it won’t be build, it hasn’t ever been built, and it never will happen for you.  You must build your own downline and encourage new recruits to do the same.  MLM is “People Helping People” and the best way you can help someone is teach them to succeed. There is an old saying I’m thinking of that goes something like this: “If you fish for someone, you feed him for a day, but if you teach that person how to fish, you feed him for life”. If you really want to succeed in MLM, join with people who promise to teach you to be successful and not with someone who claims to “build” your downline for you.

Now what’s the problem?  You don’t have the time? You don’t have the money? Well there again, you must take responsibility for yourself. Make and find the time!  Don’t expect me to believe that you utilize every minute of your day productively.  If you do, then you are already successful. You don’t need MLM. I remember one guy who told me he had no time (or money for that matter) for anything.  I asked him what he was doing that required 100% of his time.  Basically his day started off at 11AM because he watched late night TV until 3AM in the morning.  He couldn’t find the right job.  Everywhere he looked he couldn’t find a job.  That is funny I thought to myself, because even though we are in a tough economy, I see “help wanted” signs everywhere.  If you have to work in Burger King late night for a few months to acquire enough money to invest in your Mail Order Business, then do it!  Don’t tell me you don’t have the money or time.  If you have to do something you don’t like for a while to acquire what you really want for the rest of your life, would you agree it is worth it to do?  I worked two full time jobs – my regular job and my own business – for 3 1/2 years.  With my regular job, I achieved great success and with my Mailing Business I grew to a full time operation whereby I didn’t have to work for someone else any longer.  I’m sure there were days I said to myself that this stinks, but I always had a dream and a goal which I worked toward.  It’s good to dream, but unless you have a goal on how to get to your dream, then you are wasting your time. Take control of yourself right now!  Figure out how to utilize your time wisely and if need be, get a second job.  Learn to be responsible for yourself and you will succeed in MLM!

Question #2 – Why do you think that if you mail out a few thousand flyers, you will get a few thousand replies?  Besides the fact that every money making opportunity out there seems to lead you to believe that there is an “average” response rate in which you should be getting, what is your logic with this question?  If you walked up to 1,000 people and stood face to face with them and tried to “sell” them your opportunity, how many would you be able to sell?  Not many I suppose.  Now if all you are doing is sending out 1,000 flyers randomly to people you “believe” may be interested in your opportunity, what do you think your chances are to sell them?  Considering a brochure or flyer cannot possible express you in the terms you would like, would you agree that the response rate would even be lower than face to face?  Well if this is the case, and since each person is unique and since each flyer is unique, why would anyone ask about “averages”?  What does an “average” person look like?  When you do mailings, which is another form of advertising, volume is essential.  Try to advertise to as many thousands of people possible.  Try to make sure that the people you are advertising to are your right “target”. Do these two things and you will increase your responses and inevitably, your response rates.  Yes, that’s right!  The more you mail, the higher your response probably will be because you are getting a better “mix” of people that see your offer.  Plus your response rate will be more accurate.  Then when you mail out a few million of the same offer over a few years, you’ll get your “average”.  Unfortunately, it won’t do you any good because you have to constantly test and retest your offers, but at least for the one promotion that you did over two years, you’ll have some data. So for arguments sake, the next time you mail out 1,000 or have someone else do it for you, use your “noggin”. Don’t expect the world!

Question #3 – Why do you think bad of others when you fail?  This really irks me! A long time ago, I was a passenger in a car that collided with three others.  A four car pile-up!  Thank God, none of us were hurt, but what amazed me, was when all four drivers got out of their respective cars, each ran towards one another and “cursed” each other out. It was actually kind of funny when I thought about it later. At the time, it wasn’t funny though. “Where did you learn how to drive” were some of the statements.  Nobody said, ” I apologize for causing this mess up”. All 4 people accused the others. No one took responsibility. I guess that’s why here in New York, we have “no fault” insurance, but I find it down right ridiculous.  Look in the mirror! You are the way you are because of you!  You can make yourself better by improving upon your weaknesses and working hard!  If something doesn’t work well for you, figure out why.  Take responsibility for yourself. Why didn’t the diet you were on work? Why did your marriage fail? Why are you not successful in MLM? All these are related whether you know it or not. The one key variable is you!  You have the control if you take the responsibility. Instead of criticizing others and pointing the finger, look at yourself. How can you improve on yourself and make yourself better. You could try reading about your business and industry. You can try seeking out the advice of the many “so-called” experts in your field. You can try so many different things. Did you notice, I keep saying, “you can try…” I can’t do it for you. You must do it! Does that sound like the beginning of this article? You bet it does!

The author of this article is Larry Costello, President of All-American Print & Mail, 2200 Wilson Blvd #102-57, Arlington, VA 22201.