Reality Check 101! (written March, 1999)

Do you really believe that if you invest a few dollars and a few hours of time, you can become wealthy?  If you do, then my friend, I must tell you that you are being very foolish.  I know that every brochure that crosses my desk will guarantee you that it is the best money making opportunity available today and that it requires little work and little effort.  I see these letters by the scores every single day in my mailbox.  So I do know why some of you can be easily led to believe that it can be done. But as you will learn, by experiencing it, or by reading the rest of this article, why these claims are not reality……and if you are going to succeed, then you need a lesson in Reality Check 101!

First of all, if making money was so “easy”, wouldn’t everybody in the United States be doing this so called secret?  You really don’t think that you are the “lucky” one who gets contacted every time a “new” fantastic opportunity arises?  Do you?  Making money in this world, no matter what the business is, is not “easy”.  In order to make money in your business, it will require a great deal of your time, a great deal of your effort, and a great deal of your money.  As I look over my pile of work that must be done right now as I write this article to you, I must figure out the difference in my business account of $25.  I tried working on this problem twice and haven’t succeeded yet.  I have to prepare Monday’s promotion, which I haven’t even started.  I have to work on this new graphics computer program that I purchased a month and a half ago, but haven’t had a lick of time to tackle yet.  I have 12 phone calls to return and a giant pile of mail to sort through, as well as a pile of letters that I must write to answer the daily questions people have.  These are some of my chores……and I emphasize “some”.  I have hours upon hours of work that must be done to keep my business successful!  Now I am not complaining. I love what I do! But do not get any misconceptions that making money is easy!

In addition, your business will cost you money!  I too started on my Father’s kitchen table many moons ago with only $10 in my pocket, just like you read about in all these brochures.  These brochures seem to fail to tell you about the “other” money they spent, like the professional typesetting for their sales brochure that took a few weeks effort to put together. As I look around my office right now, I see two computers, a labeling machine, a laser printer, a copy machine and printer, four desks, etc…etc.  Boy that $5 goes a long way!  Don’t fall for it!  If you are going to start a business, figure on spending a bare minimum of $500 monthly just to start off. Remember that you have to promote! Promotion costs money!  If you can’t afford a bare minimum of $500 per month, don’t get involved with anything!  You won’t succeed!  All you will succeed in doing is wasting your money and lining the pockets of these “scammers” who create these ridiculously unbelievable brochures you fall for.  Think first!

Second, let’s get real!  All these claims being made are by who?  Somebody you know and love?  Your next door neighbor who you see is growing in wealth?  Some guy you work with who drives a Mercedes, while you drive a “shabanger?”  Think!  Who is making these unrealistic, dumbfounded claims of wealth that requires no money and no effort?  If you have a brain, then you came up with the correct answer. The answer is the guys trying to sell you their program!  Of course, they are going to entice you anyway they can. That’s marketing.  Doesn’t Diet Coke try to convince you in ever so enticing ways to drink their soda over Diet Pepsi? YES! That is Marketing! That is Promotion!  You do not have to fall for it!  Reality 101 will save you lots of time, energy and money.  If a program or opportunity claims easy money with little work and little effort, look into it thoroughly!  Talk to some of their successful dealers, not the owners!  If the owners refuse to provide you with concrete proof that this opportunity is as easy and profitable as they claim – look elsewhere!  It is not worth it!  Think first!

Third, you know that a business requires your time, effort and money, plus you know that you should thoroughly check out and stay away from unprovable “opportunities”.  With this in mind, once you find an opportunity – commit!  How can you succeed in making money if you do not commit?  You found the right opportunity and now, you are just sitting around doing nothing.  That is like joining that health club to get into shape and never going.  It’s easy to find an excuse not to succeed.  How’s about finding the excuse to succeed instead?  Commit to the opportunity you feel is the best one for you and work the “Be-Jesus” out of it!  If you don’t plan on doing this, don’t waste your money.  You’d be better off “burning” your money, then wasting it on non-committed, unrealistic “opportunities”.  Do yourself a favor – stop!  Think first!

Fourth – there are so many great opportunities in life to be successful. For each person, the “right” opportunity and the way to go about it will be different. Use good common sense to determine which opportunities may be right for you. Then use a good work habit and commitment to make your dreams come true.  One day you’ll be glad you did.  Thank you for reading this article and God Bless You!

The author of this article is Larry Costello, President of All-American Print & Mail, 2200 Wilson Blvd #102-57, Arlington, VA 22201.