The Secret Magic Of MLM (written October 2008)

After speaking with thousands upon thousands of you good people on the telephone over the last few years, I have come to the conclusion that so many of you are missing out on the Secret Magic of MLM and why you should be involved. The Secret Magic of MLM is DUPLICATION and why you want to be involved is because the numbers add up very quick – almost overnight!

Too many of you call me and start asking the standard silly questions, like what response you should get or what is the average? Etc…..these are silly questions. There is no average. If there was a so-called average, then everyone in the USA would just mail out a few thousand and get the average and we all would be making millions? In fact, you wouldn’t need a guy like me if there was an average because you can do it yourself. My point is that instead of asking silly questions, think! What makes MLM more enticing then opening up for example, a Dry Cleaning Business?  It is “duplication” and this “duplication” has a way of making the numbers add up fast – very fast!  Let’s look at it further: If you are the owner of a dry cleaning business, you would advertise in your local paper and whatever response you get for that week is your total response but with MLM, when you advertise in MLM types publications, and you have downliners doing the same – duplication of your efforts – the total group’s response is what counts and with that duplication, your numbers will add up to a very big number. For example, if you advertise every month to 1,000, that is not too exciting – whether you have a dry cleaning business or MLM Business – but in MLM, when you are advertising to 1,000 a month and you have 100 distributors doing likewise, you now have 100,000 going out every month instead of just 1,000 and that is the Secret Magic of MLM and why you should be involved.

Instead of asking what response you should get, ask what you should do with whatever response you get to do something.  For example, if you get 20 people every month and they do nothing but complain and wonder why they are not succeeding, that would be 240 people in your downline at the end of one year. But if you got just one person each month and each of these people duplicated what you are doing – one new person per month, at the end of one year, you would have 4,096 new people. What would you rather have? 4,096 duplicators or 240 complainers?

That is the Secret Magic of MLM that so many of you good people miss the boat on. I don’t get it. You joined into an MLM company for the lure of big money. That’s great! You could of bought into a McDonald’s Franchise for big money, but MLM does not require a lot of money to get started and the magic of duplication adds up to big numbers. So how come you are not duplicating?

Let me give you a personal example of one good experience and one bad experience.  Back in the late 80’s, I was involved with a nutrition company selling vitamins, shampoos – all herbal stuff. It was pretty good products, but a little over priced I thought.  No big deal. Anyway, in an 11 month period, I was able to recruit 504 distributors myself – 504! Do you know how many of those 504 were able to recruit others themselves? You have 3 seconds left to answer – buzzer – only 11 more. I got 504, which I recruited myself and I only had 11 more that were recruiting by these 504. How long do you think it took before this organization, which I put my heart and soul into fell apart? You are right! Not very long! I had 504 complainers – not duplicators and my frustration mounted to the point where I started yelling at these people, trying to figure out why they were not recruiting others! I now know why. Because they had no method to duplicate me.  It was costing me a lot of money and a lot of effort to recruit these people and low and behold, very few of them could duplicate what I was doing, so consequently my organization fell apart. And the worst part is that this nutrition company is still going strong today. Imagine if I had the knowledge I have today and got these 504 to duplicate me? I would be retired today! That was my worst example. There were a few others that were not as bad, but I think you get my point.

Another time, I did a mailing of 7,500 pieces to a list I complied myself over a couple of years back in the early 90’s. Well of this 7,500 piece mailing I did of which I mailed 1,000 per month for 8 months – 500 the last month – I got 1 person to join. 1 out of 7,500! One!! Can you even imagine my frustration level at that point? Luckily for me, that one person was a minister in a church down in North Carolina – a lot of you heard of him – he proceeded to recruit over 2,000 people himself over the next 4 months and of those 2,000+, another 8,500 new distributors were recruited over the next 3 months because they duplicated what I was doing and what the minister was doing. I became an “overnight” success. Of course it did not happen overnight and as you now know, I was tremendously frustrated and totally disgusted but by persisting and never giving up, in a few months, I became an “overnight” success. Everyone thought that I had some secret magic formula that they had to get a piece of, but the truth is, it was just the Secret Magic of MLM – duplication and the numbers adding up practically over night. Not in the beginning, but as I kept getting people to duplicate me. Amazing! I still promote this program today and I have made a small fortune with it. In fact, I am still collecting commissions from those first few people that joined with me 19 years ago.

So please stop asking silly questions and start asking good questions. What can you do with the response you do get? Here’s a method that a lot of you have been using over the last 6 years. You get your new downliners to use my print and mail service for 5,000 per month. You can use a different service if you want, but I know my service works for this system. If you get one new person to join per month, and you mail 5,000 yourself every month for twelve months, and your new downliners do likewise, you would have 5,000 out the first month, 10,000 out the second month, 20,000 out the third month, 40,000 out the fourth month, 80,000 out the fifth month, 160,000 out the 6th month, 320,000 out the 7th month, 640,000 out the 8th month, 1,280,000 out the 9th month, 2,560,000 out the 10th month, 5,120,000 out the 11th month, and 10,240,000 out the 12th month. Now if you could get just 1/10th of one percent of these to join into your program, you would have 5,120 new distributors. That is with a 1/10th of one percent response! I hope you get it. You have the system and you have the method – duplication. It works like magic when you apply it!

The author of this article is Larry Costello, President of All-American Print & Mail, 2200 Wilson Blvd #102-57, Arlington, VA 22201.