Use These Three Ideas To Start Your Day To A Blast! (written January, 1995)

The 3 key ingredients to creating long term, deep duplication is a lesson I learned the hard way. One of my personal downfalls is that I’m very creative. It’s definitely a blessing when it comes to marketing, but it can be a handy-cap when it comes to downline building.

In order for duplication to occur in depth through out an organization, a simple instruction set must be passed on without change. The same exact system or strategy must be taught from start to finish over the life of the business without change.

Here’s why: 1: Repetition generates belief in the system. 2: Belief generates confidence in the system. 3: Confidence generates action and results. But here was my mistake: Being the creative person that I am, I would spend a lot of my time creating new marketing tools and systems for my team. I would find new lead sources and create new promotions all the time for the business, the team and the product. I was trying to create the magic bullet that would allow everyone on my team to achieve success.

But in the end I was hurting my business more than I was helping it every time I came out with a new marketing tool because that essentially killed any confidence that people had in the old ones. They wouldn’t know what to use. This CD. That CD. This flyer. That flyer. All it did was create confusion and a lack of confidence in the system we were using before. It destroyed people’s focus and confidence in the system that they had been using until that point.

In the end, I realized that there is no magic bullet and will never be one. Most people will not do what it takes to be successful and there’s nothing you or I can do about it, so do not cater to their weakness. You need to create a pinnacle of duplication. Everyone needs to use the same cassette tape, the same one page letter, and the same “getting started” training guide. That’s it.

But for you to make it the most effective marketing campaign in history, you need to have these two reasons. 1: The marketing presentation needs to be great. And 2: Everyone needs to use the same system without deviation, which will create belief in the process, which will create confidence, which will generate massive action.

Teach people to use one flyer. One phone presentation. One CD. One lead source. Etc…

That dedication to the system will generate the same conviction and belief throughout your team and because the process never changes, it can be learned and taught to infinity.

The author of this article is Larry Costello, President of All-American Print & Mail, 2200 Wilson Blvd #102-57, Arlington, VA 22201.