Why Is Everyone In A Hurry? (written November, 2010)


Most people work for 30 to 40 years – and what kind of retirement do they have to look forward to?  Will most people have $50,000 a year or more to retire on?  In Network Marketing, it is certainly and well within reason for a person to retire on more than $50,000 a year – in 3 to 5 years – so “Why is Everyone is a Hurry?”

Do you think you can find just one person per year who would like a better lifestyle?  Do you think that person could find just one person per year? Etc., Etc.?  If you were to do that, you could retire on more than $50,000 in just 12 short years!! To me that certainly beats waiting 30-40 years! Does it to you?

This “sponsoring one per year” idea, with everyone doing the same, would net you 4,096 people in your organization by the end of your 12th year. That’s just one per year! To confirm the math, start with yourself and sponsor one person your first year. That gives you 2 people. The second year you each sponsor one.  Now the total is four. The third year, you will have eight distributors. The fourth year – 16. The fifth year -32.  The sixth year – 64. The seventh year – 128. The eighth year – 256. The ninth year – 512. The tenth year – 1,024. The eleventh year – 2,048. In year twelve, you would have 4,096 distributors – just by everyone getting one person per year. It is amazing, easy, and simple and more importantly, it is very “doable!!!” We all can do it!!

Once you believe and commit to the “sponsor one per year” plan, you can then convert it to a shorter period of time depending on your commitment and your effort of course. For example, if you sponsored one per month instead of one per year and everyone did the same, you could have 4,096 at the end of your first year. not at the end of twelve years.

So what is my point?  “Why Is Everyone In A Hurry?” Never Give Up!! You will make it if you hang in there. Unfortunately I see so many good people, like yourself, get involved with this fantastic industry of ours and try it for 3 months, 6 months, sometimes even a year, thinking they will get rich overnight, but then get discouraged when that does not happen so consequently most people quit cursing the entire industry and everyone they were involved with.

Network Marketing isn’t a business you learn and do. It’s a business you learn while you are doing it. You can actually earn while you learn. Most people just getting started in Network Marketing, including myself many years ago, have a full time job and do their networking business part time after work hours. It takes at least 1-2 years to start to fully understand how this business works. So “Why is Everyone is a Hurry?”

It is truly amazing that I have seen so many good people get into networking, spend their hard earned money and quit way before they ever know what they are doing.  I went to college for four years just to get my foot in the door at a ridiculously low wage job so I could prove myself and my worth to the company I went to work for. This is what most people’s dream is: to work for someone else. So I ask, if it is not your dream, how come you do not put as much effort and commitment into your own business as you would for someone else?  Hey, don’t aspire to be someone else’s wage slave.  When I started many years ago, I worked a full time job for 3 and a half years before I went full time, but I sacrificed watching TV, hanging out with the boys, etc. So I am proud to say, just before I wrote this article, I was having a catch with my son with a baseball at 1:30 in the afternoon on a Thursday. Sacrifice now to get what you want later, so I ask, “Why is Everyone is a Hurry?” Work toward a goal and achieve it.  While I was working full time for someone else, I did not slack off. I won dozens of production, sales and supervisor awards. I was headhunted by another company at double what I was making from my previous company – so what!! I still was a wage slave. By sticking to my dream, sacrificing a little, and keeping the faith, I am proud of my accomplishment of being able to go full time and being full time for almost three decades now!! You can do it too. Just don’t be in a hurry! It won’t happen overnight.

What is great about The Network Marketing Industry, we are constantly learning – It really is a teaching business – not a selling business.  The only thing we sell is the hope of a better lifestyle, which is teaching people to duplicate what we are doing – and anyone can do it – no education is required – it doesn’t matter what your background is – the only thing you need is a willingness to learn and commit to duplicating others.  The main reason people fail in this business or quit this wonderful business of ours is because they do not understand it.  Do you really think that if a person understood that if they sponsored only one person per year, they could retire in only 12 years that they wouldn’t do it?  Do you really believe that?  I know you don’t. That is why I know you can do it!!!

My advice:  Get started now and work at your own pace. You can achieve success in one year, one month, or ten years. Does it really matter how long it takes? Why continue working for a living when you can work for a better lifestyle?  But I ask, “Why is Everyone is a Hurry?”

The author of this article is Larry Costello, President of All-American Print & Mail, 2200 Wilson Blvd #102-57, Arlington, VA 22201.